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  1. So...the "protected" are so terrified of the "unprotected" that they need big brother to force the unprotected to get the protection which offered them zero peace of mind, nor did it seem to reduce the numbers or the spread, so you now have to threaten to not let the unprotected work, be able to go here or there etc, until they get this protection, which will make them what? Fearful basket cases like the rest of the protected? If this makes sense to you, you're a moron. if it doesn't you're being lied to. Pick one. I don't care what you do with your body, but you ought to take a step back and question who benefits from this, what do you have to lose etc. Why do we trust this new wave of medical experts and scientists that can't even tell male from female, and people like Fauci who have not examined a patient in thirty years? If you want them playing doctor in your body, I'll gladly drive you to the vaccination site.
  2. Big tech, social networking and the families that run the "media" have done more harm to mankind in recent years than Hitler and Stalin combined. I have never seen people so brainwashed and absolutely clueless prior to our friends in the tech sector "helping us get information".
  3. Ned Kelly returns from the dead and his friends aren't putting up with it. LOL I saw the video from Melbourne of the people chasing the 3 police SUV's out of their neighborhood and those cars were jumping curbs and medians trying to get away. This was a large unarmed crowd, but they have had enough. Those cops chose sides alright, and they may regret that they sided with politicians and the media. Once the citizens no longer support them, they are screwed. The media and politicians are not real allies, EVER. They change allegiance with the wind.
  4. We will get together, I visit Ft Bragg area a lot. My heart hurts for what we did to our own people
  5. I'm old, I don't have this. The last few wars were mine. Don't get me wrong, I will die on my feet, not my knees. I just hope these kids wake up before it's too late. Look at Australia.
  6. The old proverbs. Follow this money. Look at it. We had to buy the cure from China. The gloves. The test equipment. The masks. This that. How stupid are we? We paid them to unleash a bio on us and now we are paying huge mark up price for their help, and most of their tests and masks are defective! WE (not them) are fools and the whole world sees it.
  7. It may be about a virus, it may be about your or my health, our bodies. Whatever. But I see it as political. We have had so many plagues come and go. When did they ever EVER push a shot like this? "You can't go there or do this or that without zee papers". Did that happen with smallpox? SARS? West Nile? Why now? So if it's "jus a shot" or "just go along with it, it's easier"....then what do you let in that door next? They get to do sex changes on your kids? They change voting laws? They give all of our data to the Chinese government? They decide who gets to travel or eat? I am from the Soviet Union. I saw this first hand. Start ceding a few rights and see what come next. I'm not afraid of a virus. I am afraid of misinformation and fascism. We are being lied to big time. If this were on the level, they wouldn't be using threats and misinformation on this scale
  8. I'm not some super doctor or any of that. I just want real reasonable answers to some basic questions that people with brains should ponder: If this is the big epidemic they say it is, how is it that firing health care workers over vaccination status a viable strategy? If the vaccine works so well, why are the vaccinated so scared of everyone else and still wearing masks, which the CDC states don't even work? Why were they doing "mock drills" with an exact duplicate of this same scenario as early as 2015-2019? Such as Event 201? If the vaccine is so effective, why are the numbers so high? How much are hospitals making off this? If Fauci is such a "scientist" and "expert", why does he never attend medical or scientific events? He only attends events in which he will be recognized as a media personality. He literally has no scientific footprint. Where did the flu stats go? Why did the flu vanish in 2020? Weren't people dying of influenza every year in modern history, including this year?
  9. This is weird stuff. We have known quite a few people who test positive with very minor symptoms , most have been vaccinated. They weren't that sick. It seems they get sick as hell and quite a few die IF they go into the hospital, which is what they are encouraged to do despite the symptoms being so minor. I would go to ER if I was getting a lot worse or my oxygen levels were dropping, not if I had minor symptoms. I had it from early Nov '19 until March of 2020. They just kept giving me flu meds and Z packs so it took a long time to get rid of it. It really wasn't the "pandemic" yet, there wasn't medication yet for the most part and it was really new. I'm not worried about it. People with smoked immune systems should be careful for sure, we have a lot of elderly and people with cancer issues, bad marrow etc here so I get that but from what I see, the most likely way for me to die is to go in the hospital or some 3 foot "refugee" woman in a massive dually pickup who learned to drive on a donkey last summer will drive through my house at 4am while texting and running from the law. This boogeyman here is running on fumes, I know they want it to last for the next few election cycles but.....
  10. I am fairly sure I had this bug in late 2019. I had been traveling a lot. They weren't talking about this yet, but I got a bad flu I couldn't shake. I had it from Nov '19 until about March of 2020. I went to the doktor 3 or 4 times and they kept trying different medications and saying "it isn't strep". "Or it isn't such and such". It went away very very slowly. Would not like to have it again.
  11. It won't be long before they put in an order for electric short haul units. Everyone is. It's a joke too. There is grant money, but even after the grant, you still pay as much as a new truck (bus etc) and you have to pay for charging stations. At least they won't have the EGR coolers, the DEF drama and all of the emissions stuff but I guarantee they won't age gracefully and you can't take them on long trips. I have a LOT of orders for electric buses and RV's due to the grants, but I can't wait to try to show 90 year old people how to drive them or avoid pedestrians. Fleets are really looking at this stuff. Baltimore ordered a couple hundred electric Freightliner school buses. AFTER grant money, they are still over $100k each plus the charging stations. Taxes are going to go WAY up, folks!
  12. I would love to go to one of his "rallies" and just get close enough to be able to intercept the radio transmissions that they send to him telling him what to say and do.
  13. Get better. It amazes me what good care taker the animals are. They know when you need them the most. I had this bug in 2020-2021 and took about 4 months to shake it. It's nasty. You're doing good keeping it out of your lungs.
  14. China Joe Biden on poor kids vs "white kids". LOL He gets a free pass every single time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0UhvPuYS3A Fast Forward to 00:34
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