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Polished Peterbilt


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There was an article on that truck in Overdrive several years ago. Seems he was getting ready to paint it about the same time Mt. St. Helens blew her stack. He decided he liked the bare aluminum look and polished it out,rather than paint it with the ash still floating around in the air.At that time it was just a single axle with no bunk,it's underwent another rebuild since then.

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Can't help to notice the set of Carolina pups in the backround, when and where was the show?

This was the ATHS show this past September (I believe it was) near Maiden, NC...down at Brad's Farm.

Check out www.bradsclassictrucks.com

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That freight shaker was at Mid America a few years ago, it was all polished stainless. I think I have some pics here somewhere, I'll have to scan em in if I can find em.

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