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  1. It was a good turn out, we should have tried to set up a meeting. There's always next year lol
  2. Those drone cameras are damn cool! I liked enjoyed the video. The sand project here in town has the sand trucked in from a different location and dumped in a parking lot(staging area) then it'll get reloaded in site trucks then applied to the actual beach. So this trailer flopped over in a flat parking lot.
  3. There is a small family run shop in wood river junction, ri that makes really nice high quality wiring harnesses. Narragansett Reproductions is the name, I'm not sure about pricing but it might be worth a google and a call. http://www.narragansettreproductions.com I googled it for you lol good luck
  4. Here is a cell phone pic of a trailer that will no longer be hauling sand. I think his 5th wheel broke from the tractor because the truck looked fine. Oh this was also taken a few miles from the dump site, so this guy thought it was a good idea to "fix" it on site and then drive down the road like this.
  5. I found a few pics I took last summer... Reposting
  6. I believe that is a dry bridge sand and gravel truck(sitting at courvilles?) Cardi does run a lot of old iron as does D'ambra. I'll try and get some pics to contribute to this thread
  7. I'm not a dirt guy so I don't really know. What's a yard of sand weigh? I'm guessing a 40yd trailer would be quite heavy. Another thing in the 35 working days they also have to apply the sand to the beach. I don't think they want to be hauling the last load in on the last day.
  8. It's gonna take a lot of trucking to get it done in time, but I'll leave it up to the earthmovers.
  9. http://www.thewesterlysun.com/news/latestnews/4020107-129/contract-awarded-for-restoration-of-state-beach.html The above link has details of a new project about to begin here in westerly,ri. Basically the army corps of engineers has hired a company to move 84000 cubic yards of sand roughly 18 miles, then they will use that sand to "rejuvenate" 3300 linear feet of coastline. I'm excited to see this happen, not that I think it's money well spent but because I want to check out the equipment. Oh, and it's all going to get done in a 7 week time period.
  10. Great topic! The first Mack I got to drive was a '98 RD688s, it's got the 460 tied to an 8LL. It's "The Sick Puppy"obviously it's got to be a garbage truck. Currently has a 2009 25 yd pak-mor rearloader and is still in service.
  11. Update: the 03 f350 with the 6.0 powerstroke is back in action. A new ficm(fuel injection control module) and she fires right up. The snowfighter lives on!
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