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  1. Bob Kelley's little blue notebook of insane things he's seen....(Bob would be a drinking buddy of the seller,lives across the street.)
  2. Hi all; Just trying to find Packer,I know he was a regular around here last time I dropped by. I haven't been able to raise a reply by email or phone,so I'm hoping one of you might have a way to contact him. I know it's been a long while since I logged in,but since selling my '45 EH,I just haven't had the heart to jump back in. I went over to Wells and finally found my old Mack,not being restored as was promised to me,but sitting out in the weather,in the same shape it was in when I watched it driven away,except the glass was in even worse shape and the hood was missing. I have very little to offer,but I'm seriously thinking I need to try to buy it back. It nearly killed me to see it that way. Speed
  3. we were supposed to be working a trade of my semi trailer for his EG,but he got too busy to make the trip,then I couldn't get in touch with him after that.
  4. Has anyone heard from Packer lately? He seems to have dropped off the world or something-doesn't answer my calls or emails...... Speed
  5. Not too hard to work with,as long as it's as was done from the Factory. I had one truck where,years earlier,the owner had done all the brakes;the rears were still correct,but he'd swapped the front hubs/drums side for side,and I fought with that for about a week before it occurred to me that I was probably tightening the front lugs when I thought they were just stuck. On reassembly,I got 'em correct. Speed
  6. WRONG-You're not a loser until you STOP trying. Speed
  7. That's the one-boy,they sure "use" their trucks,don't they? I didn't know about the 2 piece windshield deal over there,thanks for telling me. Speed
  8. How about this? Any time a sentence of life is invoked,the Convict gets ONE Appeal after ONE year in Prison,just in case DNA,another involved criminal is arrested or other convincing testimony should show up that may change the outcome of the Trial. If that Appeal fails to clear the Convict,he's walked DIRECTLY to whatever means of execution is directed by the Judge. NO exceptions. There would have to be a change in the law to state that on conviction and sentencing for a crime subject to a Death sentence,there can be no lawsuits filed for wrongful death or any other frivolous lawsuits against anyone involved in the Trial. The Convict get's his due treatment,the Courts don't have to endure 30 years of appeals,and with today's Forensics,the odds are VERY minimal that an innocent man would remain convicted after his appeal,and the Taxpayers wouldn't be charged to keep killers/serial criminals,drug dealers,etc. alive to usurp other peoples' money. Speed
  9. Did I see a Chevy truck there? Looks like a '51 or so with what's left of a '54 doghouse on it,and from the height I'd bet it has some sort of 4WD conversion under it. I really like that road train too. Speed
  10. http://reno.craigslist.org/pts/5201534612.html NOT my truck.... Parts or restore
  11. Yeah-I've been pretty good at either stayin' away from 'em or taking the offensive and makin' 'em homeless. Seems like every car or truck I get ends up having nests in it somewhere-behing the headlight buckets,in the door jambs,in the wheel wells,hangin' off the underside of the hood...they must reproduce like little Guinea Pigs or rabbits-no matter HOW many I wipe out,there's a fresh crop every Spring.
  12. I notice in the News here,they ALWAYS mention the Race of the person shot,and the Race of the Cop. I think the fact that the Lamestream Media ALWAYS mention RACE early in the story makes THEM the Racists. I'm SO OVER this Racist BS,and the PC BS too. Call things what they ARE--NOT what they look like they might be if you didn't wanna hurt anybody's feelers. If getting insulted or getting your feelings hurt does THAT much damage to you,maybe you need to live somewhere that can AFFORD to be PC. Just my two cents worth,plus interest Speed
  13. Damn! That stuff would be hard for them to prove,unless they're REALLY working overtime to bust YOU.
  14. Hell-I'd settle for what it costs to FILL it,right now. Had to skip two of my bills this month so I could get $40.00 worth of groceries for the month and re-fill my meds.
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