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  1. I had the same part replaced on my 89 last year to pass e-test. Took a few days for the part to come.
  2. Lol....twice I've been stopped for "Excessive Smoke" only to be sent on my way as the truck is old as dirt. We fixed the puff limiter shortly after that pic, but it still blows some and that's enough to garner some attention. It passes e-test every year with flying colours, and I keep a copy with the ownership, in case they want to see it...
  3. You are correct....and yes....noisy thing the vacuum is.... We were stopped one morning by a tenant of the apartment building we were doing saying "that thing's awful loud for 7am" It was just idling...."this is gonna get worse before it gets better...." But, it's faster and cheaper than a crew of roofers.
  4. used to get the bolt daily in my Granite for the outside temp sensor (dash display) going out for a second...... PITA
  5. Thanks....She's a real attention grabber, some good, some bad lol Our shop is just down Sheldon Dr from Cambridge Mack. The two action shots are summer of 2018. I can't seem to find anything more recent. The paint has started to give up in spots, and since its back to daily service, the shine is started to dull off all the shiny shit
  6. I'm chasing a similar issue on the RD (E6-350). Compressor intake is on the boost pipe between the turbo and CAC.... Could that be the source of the trouble? It became a problem when the boss man road tripped it to Alberta from southern Ontario a couple years ago, and the compressor was replaced (not sure if new or reman)....but theres still oil being pushed through sometimes.... The air dyer has been replaced twice...and it still sneezes oil sometimes.... Sorry OP; didn't mean to hi-jack your thread....
  7. my old MP7 granite did the same thing years ago, had it towed back to Cambridge from Halton Hills, all because some 14 gauge "trigger wire" rubbed through on the trans.
  8. ....maybe thats were the cut off is set. My "old" 2011 MP7 granite was 900RPM and the PowerLeash de-activated. the RD doesnt have an engine brake
  9. i agree. the bottom step on the RD is a bit of a stretch for me....but im also a "little" guy at 5'9"
  10. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but 26# at hot idle sounds about right.... Maybe a bit low, but.......
  11. In the 5 years I drove the 2011 Granite (405M MP7), I was prompted to do a Parked Regen 3 times. After each of these times (within a few weeks, anyway), some other SCR component would fail, and land me in the shop......DEF doser's come to mind.... Its a roll off, so similar usage i suppose.....not many miles, but lots of hrs....
  12. It’s been either nice or miserable in Ontario the last few weeks. Next week looks about the same .....just pick a season and stick with it, Mother Nature!! Awesome truck Mr. Innes! I love chain drives Good luck and keep us updated
  13. Always loved the I6. Had a 4.2L Jeep back in the day, and knew lots of guys with the 4.0L. Solid, powerful, reliable, smooth....and the sound. Old friend had a 91 F-150 with the 300CI I6, that thing wouldn’t die. Had nearly 700,000km on clock when he was done with it.
  14. I watched it growing up, and both my kids love it now. Wonder how this turns out....
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