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  1. I have an extra rocker shaft lifting tool if someone's interested I'll make them a deal. pm me
  2. there is a fuse in the drivers side fuse block by your left foot. I dont remember which one but if it is making noise the fuse is probably ok. I cant If the acuator makes noise continuously Move the harness around to the actuator and see if it changes anything. the pins in the round connector can look fine but still be bad.
  3. If it has the air assist cylinders that will be your problem
  4. Pull the manifold yourself, I’ve pulled many and maybe one bolt broke. On the other hand nearly every time I pull an egr valve one will break. Anyway pull the manifold, take it to a machine shop and they’ll get it out or drill and tap the hole
  5. I've pulled the differential pressure sensor and used a small drill bit by hand to remove the carbon buildup in the two ports in the mounting bracket , when I figured I have cleared the mounting bracket I took a spray nozzle straw and pushed it into the venture
  6. Yes it has a/c the new fan clutch is on at all times with the harness to the clutch disconnected. I’d really like to see the diagram if it shows wire number and numerical pin placement
  7. clamp off the heater hoses and see if that helps
  8. Wondering if someone could post a diagram for the fan clutch? It looks like at some point a belt broke and tore the connector off the engine harness. I guess the clutch finally got tired of staying engaged at all times. I’ve replaced the clutch, now thinking I can hard wire the new clutch or try and obtain a new connector but the wires are all the same color with numbers on them. The boss don’t want to by a harness for one connector. Thanks
  9. Had one doing this before but I can’t remember what the problem was. I’ve reprogrammed with the latest software. It will not get over 360deg on regen and never starts dosing. The engine sounds like it’s going into fuel cut or missing. Checked all exhaust temp sensors, VGT function and I believe the EGR is working properly. Fuel pressure is good. The status read purging air the whole time. I haven’t checked but maybe the doing module is spraying a butt load of air into the exhaust? It won’t set any DTC’s . It runs fine though. It has the turbo bypass but non functional when regening.
  10. Will do. I've had many clear out after a parked regen. Maybe this particular one's software won't allow it.
  11. I have a 2012 chu613 with an MP8. I have a fleet ranging from 08 to 14. I'm working on one with a spn 4094-1 dtc and the guard dog states evaluating def quality 5mph derate temporarily off continue driving or something like that. It has new nox sensors, dosing module, nozzle and air regulator back by the air drier. I've cleaned and tested def dosing unit and replaced def filter. On tech tool when choosing what system I have while going to regeneration screen it asks mp8 us 10 and mp8 without turbo bypass. I've tried both settings and can't get the dtc to go inactive. It seems that the temps a
  12. pretty sure it did, its been on the road for a month. I also put new orings one the injectors
  13. The latest design cup installer pushes a teardrop shaped piece down through the cup tip and then pulls it back through. I've never seen a puller like that.
  14. Mack calls it an “overflow “ valve
  15. I'm pretty sure its fuel anyway. I found it while replacing the oil cooler cover, coolant was pouring out the bottom at the front of the engine. It already had the updated cover with metal gasket. I noticed after removing the cover the rectangular rubber gasket where the cover butts up to the rear of the water pump housing was torn and swollen. At that point I pulled the thermostat and the rubber gasket was gone. Anyway I replaced all of the coolant oring seals, they all fit loose and some looked like a rat had been chewing on them. Now I'm replacing the cups and Injector orings. The engine ra
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