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  1. Got the ground problem fixed T1 at 275 or so
  2. I working on a 2012 chu613 with an mp8. Its equipped with the hydrocarbon dosing module and turbo bypass valve. The regen light was flashing 88% soot level. when attempting regeneration the dosing vale status is 0% and purging air, fuel pressure is 65+. I put a new dosing module on because I had one doing about the same thing and it took care of it. now for the weird stuff. while I was regening I noticed the battery voltage was 14-16.5 volts. I was thinking the system may be malfunctioning due to the high voltage. So if figured I would disconnect the alternator and try with just battery voltage. Got back in the cab and had no power to anything. no lights flashers or anything. while inspecting with my power probe I touched the ground side in the power outlet and it detected 12.5 volts. Just for kicks I hit the ground button on my probe while touching ground of the power outlet heard a relay click and everything powered up of a second or two. hit the ground again it powered up again and stayed on. Started the engine and tried to regen but still have the same problem with just purging air. Any ideas about whats going on?
  3. Pulled the injectors and the original copper cups. Didn't see anything out of the ordinary with the cups, all looked about the same. I'm going to go back with new injectors and cups. Hope this takes care of it, I dont want the boss to loose faith.
  4. Gonna pull the injectors Monday. I guess if it has stainless, I’ll change just the cups. If there copper I’ll put in a six pack. The engine runs fine other than on cold start it has a little rough idle for about three seconds which my be a little coolant in the suspect cylinder
  5. ok the cooler took care of the one I posed the pick of. The next one has a new cooler and compressor. I guess someone else has been chasing this problem too. I checked the newish cooler, it was clean and dry. I clamped pinch off the coolant line to the compress and ran the engine at 1000rpm. The cooling system got up to 13psi. I left the system a little low of coolant so as not to blow it back out. I pulled the overflow hose up and stuck it down a bottle of water and light bubbles were present and the coolant tube from the back of the thermostat housing to the coolant tank was jumping. I cant thing of any other way of determining if it is cups or a head problem. This one is an 08 model built date is 11/07. Not sure if it has copper or stainless cups of if they have been changed
  6. Ok I pulled the cooler because I seen what looks like tiny red droplets of coolant and the inside of the housing is damp and sooty. I’m not sure if what appears to be red droplets is coolant. What do y’all think? You may need to blow up the pic to see
  7. I edited my post. It’s a 12 model and I have an 08 with the same problem. I’m not sure if either has had the cups and injectors replaced. I work on a large fleet and they don’t keep good records..(oilfield). My self I write on the date and hours on the valve cover. I thought I had seen all the symptoms til now.
  8. I’ve got Mack chi 613 with an mp8 that’s blowing coolant out the overflow hose of the coolant tank mounted above the radiator. I’ve already pinched off the coolant lines to the compressor and it builds up to 15 psi in the tank. Is there anything other than a head or head gasket problem that will cause this?
  9. Put a new 7th injector on and took care of the problem. thanks
  10. I just cleaned the Tee on top of the seventh injector where the air and the fuel connect. Now its been on regen 45 mins and only reaching 768deg on outlet temp and the fuel pressures are both steady at around 68psi. and 12% duty cycle. Theses numbers have been the same for 10 mins. The adaptive factor is holding and 1000. I would think it should rise if the temps were not coming up.
  11. Turned out to be the “dump” valve on the trailers air tank.
  12. Got a 2012 chu613 that when you set the trailer brakes air blows out the yellow exhaust line on the firewall for several seconds then the trailer brakes pop. Air continues to vent at the firewall for a while. I’ve been working on a large fleet of these and I remember having this problem a long while back but can’t remember what it took to fix it. Oh and also the tractor park brake don’t apply until a lot of air escapes. So when you pull both brake buttons air rushes out the firewall vent lines for several seconds until you here a dump at the trailer then all brakes apply
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