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  1. Looking for a 2008 up replacement cab. Must be daycab.
  2. TimberJack

    Fuel delivery pressure.

    Will check it out thanks.
  3. TimberJack

    S400 Turbo too big for 1991 E7-350????

    2003 427, if you stay with the stage 2 you will be fine. Mine preforms best around 1400-1600 rpm
  4. TimberJack

    S400 Turbo too big for 1991 E7-350????

    (S400) # 23504966. I put stage 2 injectors and mine runs like a different truck. I tried stage 3 but was to much heated up to quick.
  5. TimberJack

    CHU cab

    Looking for a 2008 up replacement cab. Must be daycab.
  6. TimberJack

    2008 mp8 falls on its face

    Did you check the plugs for oil at the ECM had one do that. Ran great until it got hot then ran like crap. I changed harness and it fixed problem
  7. TimberJack

    S400 Turbo too big for 1991 E7-350????

    I’ve got a s400 for a 60 series Detroit on my E7 with stage 2 injectors. Does great.
  8. 2009 CHU MP8 starts and idles fine, even revs good. When you get it out on the road does great shifting through the low side but once you get to high side it’s like you lose throttle but it’s on the floor. Pulled code and showing engine fuel delivery pressure. I check valve on the front of the head and the plunger is moving freely. I also check fuel filter house bc I had one that was sucking air on the backside of primer but it seems to fine. Could it possibly be the cups? I looked in fuel tank to see if there were any bubbles coming out on the return and nothing.
  9. TimberJack

    Injector problems

    2008 CHU MP8. Going through injectors like crazy. You can put a new one in and it might last 3 to 6 months. Could this be a wiring harness problem?
  10. TimberJack

    8-9 code Solenoid Boost Voltage

    It was active, engine seemed to lost a lot of power. Have to drop gears pulling a empty log trailer that I never had to do before.
  11. TimberJack


    Can you start the truck by jumping it on the starter?
  12. 2003 E-tech seemed to lose power and had a skip. Check the codes and had a 8-6 # 6 EUP and a 8-9 Solenoid Boost Voltage. What should I check for the solenoid boost problem?
  13. TimberJack

    Cab for CHU

    I’ve never called the dealer. Figured they would be to high so I’ve been look online for a take off.
  14. TimberJack

    Jake Brakes

    I’ve got a 2004 AC engine sitting in my building and was wondering if the Jakes will work off it on a 2003 E-Tech? Ran across a heck of a deal on a 2003 CH613 and it has no Jakes. Was hoping if I bought it I could use what I had instead of buying a new kit.
  15. TimberJack


    Mine did the same thing. Took it to Mack and they pulled the oil temp plug on the driver side of oil pan and cleaned the oil out of it an it started right up. They told me it was a ground problem from the oil and said I need a new oil temp sensor. They told me the grounds has something to do with the ECM to the starter. Sounds crazy but it fixed my problem. Wished I would’ve knew that before I replaced key switch, starter relay and starter.

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