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  1. Ten4, thanks for the info. Truck pulls fine believe I will leave it alone lol.
  2. 2008 MP8, what temp does fan kick on? Mine comes on real slow at 215 in a hard pull and once it’s in high the water temp has reached 220 degrees. By that time the shit down light come on.
  3. Is there anyway to test an eup?
  4. I will put a gauge on it this evening an check it. What should the pressure be?
  5. 2003 427 has a rough idle until engine reaches normal running temp. It’s like it has a slight skip and while idling the truck shakes. Once you run it up to normal temp is smooths out. I’ve just recently installed new injectors and turbo, witch it had the problem before changing.
  6. Ok thanks, someone was telling me I had to make sure it had the right cam before I could do it.
  7. Looking to put Jakes on my 1997 CH. is there anything I need to check ordering a kit?
  8. looks like cup problems, ran clear hose on the return side and lots of bubbles.
  9. Ok thanks for the input. Headed to check it out now.
  10. Truck is losing its prime within 5 mins of cutting it off. I ran a clear hose from the back of the head to the filter stand. I didn’t see any bubbles while run. I shut the truck off and you can watch air bubbles come up from the filter housing. Im not sure if it could be leaking from cups. Some times you can be in a pull and it will start to skip then clear up, it will also do it just sitting at an idle. Any pointers would be great. Thanks
  11. Ten4.. thanks for the info. Believe I will order the stuff this week.
  12. I pull logs with this truck and I’m thinking about doing the 2.5 and turbo. How is your temps on hard pulls?
  13. I had one do the same thing. Mine ended up being one of the power relays in dash.
  14. I’ve had one with a Detroit turbo. Seemed to do pretty good. Didn’t know much about it. Truck was set up that way when I got it. The id tag was missing off the side of the turbo so I have no clue was model it was. The truck I’ve got now is a 2003 CH with a 427 and it’s a slug. It’s got a 8LL with 4:17 rears.
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