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  1. Here's one Brockway that left there....Rest In Peace Bill
  2. Don't know what's going on with this one, never seen it operating, and haven't been there since November, but 'tis the season for rebuilding..... They do a great job rebuilding their mixers.
  3. Just for the record New England wasn't Teamsters, they belonged to a Steel Workers Union.....
  4. For loads grossing 80,000, as long as the puffer valve was adjusted correctly, 237's and 300's would pick it up at 1200rpm and go...
  5. http://hankstruckforum.com/htforum/index.php?topic=78453.0 Posted on Hank's back in April....
  6. Carolina bought those B-67's used from Bell Lines Inc of Charleston WV, and used them as City Tractors and later used the survivors as yard horses. Was on light duty because of an injury in the mid eighties and did road work nightly for about a month between Albany and Avenal NJ, where they still had several B-67's in the yard.....should have pursued one......
  7. The 2004 Visions that ABF had (over 500 of them) all did the same thing, drivers called them the "shredders". Drivers carried spare belts with them so vendors could repair them along side the road. ABF got rid of most of them before their time was due, and they didn't buy Macks again until 2008.
  8. 6368, Call the guy you got the rears from, the front springs look the same.....
  9. I remember Mobil having a different pump setup on the tractors, instead of the suction being on top of the frame next to the discharge crossover, it came out the back by the taillights so they hooked one of the four inch gravity hoses to it. Lots of neat equipment, single axle tractors pulling trailers with hose reels at the rear, etc. Didn't the R-Models have cut bumpers with Chevrons (no pun intended) I started going in there with a trailer in 1974 for Amos Post, there was a guy in the tower that wore glasses and always chewed on a cigar, worked days. Don't remember his name but he was always nice to me being I was a rookie then....
  10. Pulled gas out of Mobil Albany in the '70's, they had a few R-Models and Whites but mostly the long nose Louisville Fords with 8V71's. First Class Terminal compared to the rest.
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