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    mack trucks of all models I'm in the towing and repair business and long time mack owner and mechanic. I also work on and travel with the BAD DOG SEMI pulling truck which is very interesting and helps keep me out of trouble.
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  1. I would try disconnecting wire ti engine brake to see if brake is coming on. I have seen faulty switch and wires rubbing together and causing power to be applied with switch off.
  2. are you looking for old or late model truck and what type of truck tractor,dump,straight?
  3. I would suggest jacking wheel off of ground, scotch wheels and release brakes to see if wheel will turn by hand. If not able to turn by hand try backing off on brake adjuster. If it turns free now check to see if slack ajuster is tightning up on its own. Also try to raise tire and wheel with a bar to see if wheel bearing is loose. If backing off brake didn't help and no movement up and down on tire and wheel I would check to see if bearing is to tight or going bad. Hope this finds your problem.
  4. I may have enough depending on # you need but i would convert to quick change which i should have also. I'm going to buck sat but you can call after that and let me know what you prefer and how many you need. thanks larry
  5. you might try changing relays. if relay shorted power on all the time.
  6. dog doctor

    ECM diagram

    if you changed engines and used a flywheel from a mechanical motor will cause the problem you are describing.
  7. I think you are talking about the early abs brake system installed on 76-78 trucks. If still complete there should be wires from sensors to a relay valve on frame or crossmember.
  8. I have e-6 350's . do you want 2 or 4 valve, engine brake, frontal cooled or tip turbine? thanks larry
  9. Unless you have the cheapest labor in the world or bust the cases mechanicaly there is not enough alum to justify your time. I would suggest checking with rebuilders about core values and if not worth wild than scrap complete units. If you have many of the t107 series you might consider saving bellhousings, shiftrails and shift forks as they still have demand and fairly easy to remove and are worth more than complete units as scrap. I would guess there is about 50 to 100 lbs of alum depending on model. Hope this helps.
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