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  1. Thank you, for the reply. I spoke with the older service tech at mack td and he said essentially the same thing. It was most likely caused by the main shift cylinder for the drive hi and neutral box leaking threw from a faulty o-ring.
  2. I’m having the same issue with the inversion valve mounted closest to the transmission. I just replaced it with a new valve and it is still blowing air out the bottom. Did you ever figure out what your issue was or can anyone else point me in the right direction? I’m at a loss right now. The only thing I can figure is the pressure reducing valve is failing and there’s to much pressure? The supply line for the inversion valve that is leaking is the yellow line that comes down from the transmission shifter.
  3. I purchased a 99 Mack E7/400 about 6 months ago and recently noticed milky sludge on the underside of the oil cap. The dip stick doesn’t show any sludge when it’s pulled. The only other place that I see sludge is on the vent tube after the wire mesh filter. I opened the mesh  filter and it was all but clean no sludge there just in the tube after it.  It doesn’t appear to be losing antifreeze out of the pressurized side of the tank. The reservoir side had a cracked cap and is empty. How Could it be  pushing coolant into the oil  but stay filled to the pressurized cap? It is winter and the temps have been ranging from 20 to 35. The truck is used on short hauls and is shut off for an hour or so during the day before making another run. Could this be condensation from the heat or blow by?



  4. Should I be concerned with putting larger injectors in a computerized pump. I would prefer to keep the gremlins out of this. Thanks for the quick response..
  5. I just picked up a 99 Rd tri axle with a 400 and a 12spd. The motor seems weak even coming from my slightly modified 285 with a 6spd. I was wondering what aftermarket upgrades would net me the most power increase. I understand my turbo and injectors are maxed out from the factory standpoint. The 427 and 460 have the bigger turbo, injectors and the key way cam for timing. I've read positive things about the blixxton 200 modular but I feel maybe stage 2 or 2.5 injectors from Rochester diesel may be the best bang for my buck. The modular is 1400 and the injectors are 1k. I really don't have the extra funds to do both so I don't know which way to go. I was wondering if anyone else has done tuning on this particular setup. The truck seems to be running fine just needs to be running a little hotter. I've yet to put a load on it but empty I was seeing 23psi of boost.
  6. No debris in the injector pump. Does anyone have an explanation for this??
  7. It is a 2 valve but it has a dynatard for an engine brake.
  8. I probably should have mentioned that this noise started shortly after switching to synthetic motor oil. Amsoil to be exact. I've had the oil in for 9 months now and I was down to the add mark on the fill stick. I didn't have any extra Amsoil and didn't want to pay the shipping on 1 gallon. So I grabbed a jug of rotella T-6 to stay with a synthetic blend. After adding the rotella the truck made the clanking noise upon start up but shortly after the noise disappeared. I heard it briefly at really low RPMS but for the most part has disappeared. Obviously I will be switching oil brands on my next change but I'm still curious as to why the Amsoil created this noise.
  9. It is an American bosch. To be completely honest, it start shortly after I switched to synthetic. I wanted the cold tempreture advantages more than anything. I leave this truck wherever I can park at and rarely have a place to plug in.
  10. There's a popping noise at idle. Sounds as if there is something metal bouncing around inside the motor. It has been doing this for months now. After you idle it up a few hundred RPMS the clatter goes away. The truck is used as a site truck and rarely sees full temp or full boost. The motor and pump are fresh (less than 3 years). It's an EM6 285 turned up 20%. Runs strong outside of the idling issue.
  11. I will take them. How do we go about the purchase. I will pay for shipping?
  12. If it's the same as the tip turbine double outlet setup the Fram filter numbers are CA1550 and CA1551. I was also curious if I could change this to a one filter setup. I worry about the sealing properly. I also wanted to see about switching to a k&n filter with an air ram. It would be nice to get the EGT's down without switching to a front mount intercooler. The old 285 is turned up about 20% and will see 30 pounds on a cold mourning. The EGT's never get to out of hand but will go above 1100.
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