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  1. I am looking for the pigtails for my auxiliary Dash switches, any ideas? My 2012 gu is wired or the battery and key switch auxilary switches as was my CV however I cannot find the pigtail anywhere in the dash. Has anyone found the other end of this harness?
  2. the "new Mack Cab came out in 07 production, it grew 3 or 4" longer for more leg room, the dash and all the interior was revamped. I like the newer Pinnacle/Granite can=b myself, I don't see a need for a wider cab, I don't know about everybody else but when I'm driving a truck I don't need to walk laps around the cab. The open cab roof would be a nice addition to the high rise sleeper cab, being able to stand up and walk to the bunk which again, doesn't need to be 10' away. Actually if you look at recent truck purchasing trends most trucking companies are going for smaller mid roof sleepers for regional work since the long haul is moving more and more towards containerization or intermodal. I have heard the old trucker arguments of the railroad taking their jobs away hauling containers across country and I have pulled containers myself and I can say this, there is just as much or more trucking to do on shorter regional or local runs getting those containers to and from the shipper consignee. I see the shift to local and regional work as a win win for trucking really, you can be home and sleep in your own bed more often than long haul, you can use a cheaper smaller or no sleeper truck...thus the rise in used daycab prices and I actually made more money doing several shirt hauls than I ever did long haul. That being said add a high rise roof to the high rise sleeper model and leave it alone.
  3. The S471 has a 71mm inducer the S475 has a 75mm inducer, the difference is the size of the turbo. They should both do just fine on most E7 or ETECH/AI engines, the S471 will probably do better on the more mild engines, the S475 will be better on the hotter engines. The S475 p/n 171702 is the stock replacement for a 500hp Detroit series 60 with a non wastegated turbo so its made for a slightly larger engine and moves more air.
  4. Yur Killin me Ray, I didn't know youd try to show me up with a load on the trailer............
  5. I have actually pondered swapping a pre CCRS ETECH into a RW in the past, I don't know what the VMAC 1 454 has for computers down under but here I had planned to rob everything off of a wrecked RD or DM and swap it into a mechanical truck. being a VMAC truck already do you already have some of the harnesses needed for an etech or no.
  6. did you check the ecm, body control module fuses/relays. With all the jump starting bad wire stuff you may just have something going on there. remember that without 10.8 volts to the ecm and the body control module and communication with each other it will try to start, may even start but die after it realizes it doesn't have voltage/communication. does the LE have the shutdown override switch on the dash? try holding that down and see if it starts and runs with the ecm in override mode, if so its a fault shutting it down(water level oil pressure,etc.)
  7. worse than the ol L10?.....really? I doubt it there big guy! The AI engine's EGR system is actually a second bump on the cam lobe making the exhaust open just a bit during the intake stroke thus exhaust gas recirculating back into the cylinder. The AC cam does not have this lobe and is set up for external egr so using the AC cam on an AI engine you do away with all EGR. Throw in a set of Rochester stage 2 injectors, add a Borg Warner S471 or S475 turbo with a Cummins or Detroit v band elbow to get your intake 90 and yur done and probably putting 400-450 hp to the ground. My ol AI427 after a hot program made over 400 to the ground so the power is there they have the compression and the stock unit pumps move enough fuel for stage two injectors, you just need a bigger turbo for more CFM, not boost so much as air volume in/out to keep temps down.
  8. No the van trailer moves our ATHS chapters stuff to shows, the wheelbase is 277".
  9. Haven't been on here in a while, thought id throw a newer pic out there.
  10. If you want to make some really nice power while the turbo is off call Antrim Diesel and get the Borg Warner S480 turbo and other parts to get it put on.
  11. Sorry im late to the party here, been busy. I am working on an alternative to the Mack Cast exhaust, Francis headers E9n exhaust conundrum. Im getting all my stuff together to sit down at a spare E9 I have and mock up some tubular exhaust for the E9. Im going to make a set out of steel to try out then use heavy wall stainless for the rest. I probably wont have em done till spring but it was my winter project so thats the whole point,lol. I will try to keep BMT informed as I get them together and hope to have the design done and the first set testing on my RW this winter with more sets to roll out of the garage after I make sure they arent prone to cracking etc.
  12. on the earlier trucks like my 04 and 06 granite they were on the right side of the dash in the main breaker panel area, the wires should be labelled as accessory
  13. Oh and for the E9 crowd......possible tubular exhaust manifold update soon. I have flanges being made and tubing ordered.
  14. Whew, I've only had mine to about 35lb and it was screaming.
  15. P.s. I have had another discussion with others in the company about this since this lost.
  16. I wasn't worried about the knowledge base but I asked a question and asked for a certain thing and it turned into a free for all. I understand that not every truck is for every owner or driver. Personally I like big power set forward axle trucks. The question was who would be interested not who thinks its a waste etc. I really think that this idea would sell to the owner operator segment but the company drivers/union freight haulers won't be interested. That being said if your not interested or only have negative feedback......let it go, I skip posts on here daily because they aren't my cup of tea, I don't just go around raining on everybody's parade knowing full well I wouldn't be in the market anyway. This post was about the truck...not the numbers, that's for the marketing guys to figure out.
  17. Charge air leaks could get you some high egt but only with plenty of fuel, exhaust leaks before the turbo will drop your boost and keep the egt down.
  18. Exhaust or charge air leaks?
  19. Who says he wasnt saving the company's assets, it may have been overheating!
  20. Winrock Truck Parts has them, or did. PAI offers replacements also.
  21. Any pics of the car he was in? Unless the rounds went thru the windshield somewhere from the centerline of the steering wheel towards the center of the car he wasn't trying to run over the officer.
  22. So is there anybody on BMT with a 1ton plus truck near Danville VA looking for a road trip?
  23. Lt-1? Um the vette doesn't have an LT-1 anymore does it? I kinda thought that ended with the LS-1 in '98.
  24. Ok ok Milky the lights work we got it,lol. Kinda interesting combination of Packard and Mack but sad to see a Packard and a Mack cut up. I can say that I have seen some of these before they put the pieces together and they were too far gone for anything but a rat rod or the scrap heap so I try to keep that in mind. We don't know what it looked like before, may have been a rusted down chassis in the woods and a cab from a junk yard.
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