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  1. Hello, I have a 2014 Mack LEU613 & for the life of me cannot located the P-brake Pressure switch. Any help appreciated. UPDATE Found location on passenger side behind panel under right side driver steering wheel.
  2. http://truckecmtunes.com/mack-dpf-egr-def-scr-delete.html
  3. I was about to say, volvo d13 fix was the delta p sensor and the venturi pipe that are sooted up and or clogged. There was a updated sensor and pipe that can be installed as well. Make sure they run a complete regen as well after the repair is complete. Location: Passenger side, front above the coolant filter. Also, you might need to replace your egr at some point in the future. I paid 146.00. Sensor. 96.00 for harness They should make a usb backup system for these but im sure its cause they know someone will hack it somehow.
  4. Have a 1999 MR688S with a E7 Engine & Allison Trans. Keep installing Flex-plate stack & (from what ive learned) it lasts a few months & then spins on flywheel bolts. Well this time it didn't get past first start. Camerota is puzzled. Wondering if anyone else has seen this or has some other ideas. Quick note: Checked Trans Pins & Alignment. Installed all dealer parts including flywheel hardware. Next was looking to check the thrust bearings.
  5. OK, i found the issue. Was the lift pump for the atomizer. It was leaking in side the rail & didnt pressurize the atomizer which in turn made the sensor in the atomizer get a wrong reading & shut the Regen down. New Pump 643.21 & all better.
  6. Fuel Pressure only reads 53 psi in regen diagnostic check. Does that mean the pickup pump is not energizing?
  7. Maybe this post will help:
  8. Funny thing is it ran on ether but not on its own. Also noted couldn't connect to DLC
  9. Casting changes were made to the turbocharger. These changes, which include additional material added to the upper front mounting stud flange and to the spiral section of the turbine housing, were implemented to prevent cracks from developing in the housing. See Bulliten Here
  10. 2011Mack MD600 Mid128 Psid111 FMI12 Aftertreatment Fuel Burner Pump SPN 3471 Aftertreatment Fuel Pressure Control Actuator FMI 12 Faulty device or component. I just replaced the Atomizer due to a Air actuator valve failure code.
  11. Thanks, I will try these suggestions & report back.
  12. Well, thanks for those that peaked in. Guess im sending this one out.
  13. Have a regen issue with my Mack. 2011 Mack LEU613 - MP7 SPN 3491: Aftertreatment DPF Atomization Air Actuator FMI 12 / Faulty Device or Component. Mid128 - Engine ECU Psid59 - Aftertreatment atomization air solenoid FMI 12 - Faulty Device or Component I have a few units in the shop. Does anyone have a diagram of the components? I fixed one before with just swapping out the solenoid. Can just the solenoid be purchased?
  14. 2006 LE613 Mack / E7 Truck ran out of fuel coming off the highway. Added fuel - Filled up filters - Primed Pump Tried to start - Driver left Key & Lights on while waiting for me. Dead battery - Tried jumping Batteries - Changed batteries Key does not engage starter - No lights at Trans selector - Check fuses at batteries - Found bad wire going into power up fuse - cleaned up all connections Crank engine - started - Driver shut off - no start Rechecked fuel pressures - re-primed - bleed out injector lines - has pressure at lines to block Checked volts at injectors - has 0.3 volts on both sides Truck runs on Ether assist Any clues?
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