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  1. Are you loosing coolant? If you are check the power steering cooler. It should be in the right hand frame rail just in front of the turbo. I have also seen some connected to the radiator by some customers where the trans cooler is when they do not use a trans cooler.
  2. Yes there is 2 square o-ring behind the solenoid. The screws are tamper torx plus if I remember correctly.
  3. Can you take a picture of the buttons so I know exactly what you are looking at?
  4. Need to have a dealer or somone with the right software to clear the code and perform a learned data reset and a regen. I like to do a crystallization sublimation before performing a regen.
  5. I have seen pics of the dpf/scr unit but not of the common rail setup. Can't wait to see the pics!!
  6. Try a boost pressure sensor as it could be reading erratic.
  7. Is it a grinding sound? If so it sounds like a synchronizer. They start off making the noise when the trans is cooler.
  8. The solenoid suppling the air to the actuator may be defective. Also you may have a boost pressure sensor reading erratic. Had one come into the shop today with sluggish acceleration and no codes with a new turbo and it has a defective eecu. I did not get to see the truck first hand to see if the vgt actuator was doing the same thing. Just went by what the other tech said and gave him a test module to try. So that is another possibility.
  9. Sounds like the solenoid is bypassing. Make sure your system air pressure is not over 130 psi. Also the actuator will not start working till 90-100 psi of air pressure. Follow the air line to the safety valve on the treadle valve and make sure the safety valve is not leaking.
  10. You may have a defective vgt solenoid. It is mounted on the drivers side of the engine below the intake. You can follow the actuator air line to it. If it has oil coming out of the release port (rubber cap like a brake valve) it may be sticking inside due to the oil. It should be replaced if it has oil in it and the vgt coalescing filter changed as that filter is most often never changed. If it does not have a coalescing filter one needs to be added. When this is done the vgt should be re-calibrated. Also the vanes in the turbo could be sticking.
  11. Check your fuel pressure as the gear on the supply pump could be slipping causing a drop in fuel pressure.
  12. If the computer is reading the same as your factory gauge you may havea bad coolant temp sensor that is reading lower than actual temp. Also there could be high resistance in the wiring to the sensor and possibly a defective eecu. Most common is the coolant temp sensor.
  13. You will need to ohm out the wires from the eecu to the unit pump. Most likely if there is a wiring issue it will be the ground as the unit pumps are ground controlled and 1,2,&3 share power and 4,5&6 share power. Also could be a defective eecu as I have had 2 with this issue in the last month. You will need to check the code to see if it is the same one or another one that could be having an issue.
  14. You will need to check for powers and grounds to the abs module. The module in mounted on the right hand kick plate next to the vecu. You will need to remove the plate.
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