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  1. My 2005 Granite CV713 serial number 1mzag10c75m026820 (AI 460 ASET) has a coolant leak between the head and block. How much is reman head? I wonder if my head is warped. Had an overheat issue a while ago. Are there any performance upgrades I can do while the head comes off? Can I put the exhaust manifold with the bigger “passages” on while I have got everything apart. Thanks for your time.
  2. My local dealer’s service manager doesn’t know about the 12 B programming for the vehicle ECM. The search function of the site is not working for me. I thought someone posted the official Mack paperwork on the 12 B programming. Would someone post it again, please. Thanks for your time.
  3. My 05 Granite CV 713's (1M2AG10C75M026820) factory gauges have been giving me problems. The main problem is the factory coolant temp gauge started reading low (I have a quality mech coolant temp gauge) and the electric fan would not come on. Took to dealer and the changed the probe and added a manual fan switch. All was well for a while. Know the coolant gauge intermittently reads 0 and the lightning bolt comes on and the jake won't work. Truck does not derate. Also the oil pressure goes to zero when you raise the rpms to 1600 from idle. Oil pressure never gets above 20lbs. Manual fan switch will turn off above 1800 Rpms. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Love the truck but this frustrating me. Thanks for your time.
  4. Got an 05 Granite with a ASET AI 460. About 2000 miles ago I broke a brand new fan belt. The one that goes around the crankshaft pulley and around the fan. After the first one broke I carried a spare and also replaced the tensioner. So today I broke the second one. The pulleys don't have any visual wobble that I can tell. Can you all tell me where to look to solve this problem? Is the crankshaft pulley a harmonic balancer (??) as well. Can a messed up harmonic balancer make it throw belts? Thanks in advance for your time.
  5. Long story short. Took truck to the dealer and they changed the probe on the factory temp gauge and all seems well. Also had them install a switch on the dash that will manually turn the fan on.
  6. I am no expert but have been around boats my entire adult life. I forget who marinized the mack engines but I am pretty sure the engines had a poor reputation because of a crappy job marinizing the engine. The last thing I would want on a boat is an engine that has no service network. If the boat will always stay in the same place and you have a mechanic or you can work on them that would make ownership a little easier, but I would look elsewhere. Boatdeisel.com will probably have someone on there that knows about the marine mack engines
  7. Thank you both for the feedback. Called the service manager at the Mack dealer and he said his first guess was bad thermostats. Replaced both of them and drove the truck. At first I thought all was well. The fan came on and bought the temp down. But it only came on once, thereafter the aftermarket mechanical gauge get up to 240 while the factory gauge never got to 200. Oil temp got close to 250. Also saw the factory gauge go down to 110 or so and then rise to 190 all in about 3-5 seconds. No lightning bolt light on and no de rate. Mack dealer is an hour and a half away and can't get to me till late next week and I need the truck. Should I buy sensors and replace? Once again thanks for your time.
  8. My 05 Granite CV 713's (1M2AG10C75M026820) cooling fan is allowing the truck to get much hotter before coming on and then will run for a second and cut right off and back on. Then it will run like it normally does and stay on for a couple of minutes. I have 2 water temp gauges in the truck the factory one in the dash and an aftermarket autometer. The autometer gauge reads about 20F hotter than the factory gauge, and the fan would come on when the autometer gauge reads 210F now it will get up to 230F before the fan comes on. The factory gauge shows about 200F before the fan comes on. We replaced the fan switch and this is still happening. Can you all tell me what the problem is? Thanks for your time. The engine is ASET AI 460 hp.
  9. I took my 05 granite with a 460 hp ASET AI and an 18sp to Antrim. Detroit series 60 turbo, bigger injectors, area diesel box and I ended up with 467 at the rear wheels with the fan on. There is a small flat spot when you shift and you have to watch the pyro temp but the truck pulls good. The price's of Antrim are decent honest people, but they are a little slow but definetly worth the wait.
  10. I just bought an 05 granite with a pony axle, 460 hp, 18 spd, with 200,000 miles and I paid 85,000. I probably paid a little too much because I wanted an 18 sp. there was one in Charlotte on truck paper that I think was an automatic. Also I believe the Mack dealer in charleston, sc had a couple automatics come in on trade. Look up truck trader and you will get a feel for value. I looked for awhile and I think with the mileage you stated you would be 65,000-75,000. Although the I hear the automatic is the preferred trans and costs more
  11. Finally got my new to me Mack dump on the road after having Antrim spice it up. Thought some you fellow rednecks would be interested in what was done and the outcome. Bought an 05 granite with a 460 and an 18sp with 4.35 rears. Felt sluggish when I drove it to Antrim. They dynoed it before modifications and it made 278 hp at the rear wheels. Ended up three of the unit pump (???) injectors were bad. Put in some modified injectors, Detroit series 60 turbo, and area diesel module and it made 467 hp at the rear wheels, 497 with fan off. It now pulls good and is fun to drive. Need to keep an eye on the pyro temps. Makes consistent 34 lbs of boost in upper gears, even empty. Now I don't want to drive my 99 RD with 400 hp and dreaded 7 speed. Also truck has inter axle lock and it has already got me out of 1 jamb that my RD with power divider would have gotten stuck with. Antrim is slow but they are honest and deliver what they say.
  12. Thanks to all who replied. It ended up being the cheap (LaMarche???) new tires were out of round.
  13. Thanks for the help. Don't feel it in the steering wheel. Truck is not air ride.
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