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  1. What is the cid for the 925 E9 V-8 marine engine? Do you know how much those engines sold for new?
  2. The engines are as advertised. They are spotless, well taken care of and are run frequently. The boat was not used as a charter boat. The broker says they were rebuilt 15 yrs ago but it sounds like the boat was repowered with Daytona Marine engines a Mack Marine dealer, because 15-16 yrs ago is when Mack started or was in the marine division. The broker has been unable to get me the serial #'s for the engines and hull so I could look it up. My broker isn't the listing agent for the vessel so he is having to go to that person for info, plus it is a big boat show this weekend he is trying to get ready for so more info should come next week.
  3. I think that the difference between a truck and a boat engine is the Cam and Valves are different so it will produce more torque. What will you offer for the engines, the attachment in my 1st post is a picture. 1 engine has 1000hrs and the other has 3000hrs that is according to the sales sheet. They might have more than that if the sheet is the original sale sheet, I should hear from the broker in the mourning 3-17-16 with an update to it.
  4. I am looking at a 87 48' Viking yacht that has been powered with these engines, any info would be appreciated. I have found some info on this already does anybody know about the availability of parts and how dependable these engines are? Banx - 48 Viking Convt 1987 CHARISMA [623880] eng.pdf
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