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  1. I have a 04 AI-375 that does same thing. Right when it goes to full torque it cuts back to 70% for 5 maybe 10 seconds and then turns loose again. Replaced one unit pump and injector that had multiple faults. Not as bad but still does it. Been in shop multiple times but no success yet finding problem.
  2. Still available for sale. 63k or best offer. Located just south of Nashville TN
  3. 04 model---last of the RD's AI-385 Mack T-308 8 speed Trans 18k front 13k steer tag 44k rears 4.64 ratio. R&S 16ft bed 279k original miles. I bought it for a job in the spring and run it every day. Lots of new parts that I can fill you in on. All new led lights and 18" bumper. I'm looking to upgrade to a little new truck. Located outside Murfreesboro TN 37128 75k or best offer
  4. I too havean AI 385 in my rd. It may be worst than a 300 L10 cummins I used to drive. I've looked at most all options but leaning toward bigger injectors and like a S475 turbo. Hoping that will help.
  5. Thanks guys. Im almost positive its a programming flaw too. Its pretty predicitable and reoccuring. I get no check engine lights so when I get a chance im gonna take it in and get her tuned up
  6. Hey guys. Got this new to me 04 RD. Valve cover said it's AI-380. In a hard pull in 5 and 6 gear when motor starts building good boost (30lbs ish) at approximately 1300 rpm the engine flat out hesitates, stumbles and falls back to about 15lbs psi for about 200rpm then picks back up and goes to 30ish psi. It's is very obvious that the engine is derating or something? Any one with any knowledge on this problem?
  7. My marker light keep tripping the breaker. I don't see any diagram of any sort. Any one have pic? 04 690s
  8. Hello guys. Been lurking around here for a long time. Dad and I have several trucks but never owned a Mack. Needed another dump and ran across the gold dog with only 258k on the clock. Pretty cool that it's the Legend special edition. Just have to get the decals remade and back on the hood!
  9. Nice dodge! I've got one with a 413 gas. First dodge I drove had a 555 cummins and a 13. I'm kind of partial to these old rigs!
  10. Thanks guys. Looking forward to hanging out here more often!
  11. Been lurking around here for a while, but the more I look the more I like this site. Internet forums can be not so helpful to new guys that are dying to get into the hobby of old trucks. I sat last night a read 18 pages of a thread about a new guy with no cdl and a truck thats not a Mack and there was not one negative comment. Only help and well wishes. That speaks volumes to me about the members here. Now for bad part. Im friends with 84superdog!! lol While I dont have any Mack trucks and only have driven one in my days, I love the Mack Truck story and the history behind it. Just dont tell 84superdog that i said that. Looking forward to spending more time here! Justin
  12. JT, its been great reading through your progress. Ive got a soft spot for Generals. Got my CDL when I turned 18 and got in the General dump truck and drove it for about 3 years. Learned alot of what to do, and now that I look back on it, a lot of not what to do. Mine has a 400 Big Cam/13 spd. Hope to have the funds to fix her up one day soon!
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