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  1. Happy Birthday DM.

    1. Deere Mack

      Deere Mack

      Thanks man, just now seeing this. Haven't signed on in a while.

  2. Good morning, hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July. I did remove the cable and put in air for the hoist control and for the record, my truck is a 100 times more quiet than before. None of the sound is traveling directly inside the cab now. The rattle is still there but it's totally different and no where near as noticeable. Anyone who has experienced this probably understands when I say the sound varies, so at times now I cant hear it at all. The air control is different but I'm perfectly fine with it. I've hauled chert and gravel spread with no problems at all. The only noticeable difference for me was mine doesn't automatically jump out of the raise position when the bed is all the way up. I appreciate everyone's input. And for those who told me to get used to it, get a loader radio, thanks for nothing. lol I hope this will help someone out and give them a more peaceful ride like it did for me.
  3. Good morning, I appreciate your suggestion. I've tried putting rubber everywhere imaginable. Put rubber o rings in between the pin connection at cable and PTO, thick rubber on and around the cable bracket and in between cable and bracket. I also put extra sound deadening material on the inside of my control tower. I've been desperate to eliminate this problem. lol I think the only way to help with the cable would be to have some type of plastic connection between PTO and cable. Even then sound travels through hard plastic fairly well. Installing air shift next week with polyethylene lines, the quietest way to go.
  4. Looks like I might make the change, got to see if it makes a difference. Anyone that has one as loud as mine will understand and hopefully it'll work and help out some other guy down the road. The air operated hoist control is new to me, I've always had the cable. Is there anything I should know or look for, or is it a just a bad idea for a tri axle dump truck? Any info would be a help. Thanks
  5. If he wants to test it out for himself it will take about 15min to remove the cable completely from the pto & pump, even the line from the bracket so no part of the cable is touching. He'll be amazed, I swear it was like I was in a different truck.
  6. I'm sure there's a lot to consider, brand, install etc. But I'd be very interested in hearing from someone with the MP8 and Allison auto with the air control.
  7. It's the control cable for the hoist up & down. My PTO is air operated. It may be a trade off, feathering capabilities or extremely loud jack hammer sound in cab. Don't forget I understand these trucks are known for the PTO rattle with the Allison auto. But the discovery is that it enters the cab through the Hoist control cable. Remove the cable from the PTO and Bracket, tie it away and no more noise. The only way you'll here it is to roll down your window and hang your head out the cab. If anyone out there has my setup with air operated hoist control please chime in. Thanks!
  8. The information below shows how sound travels through different mediums. Make notice to steel vs Nylon or Polyethylene. Most air lines are made of nylon or polyethylene and even between the two of those there's a considerable difference. Looks like the polyethylene line wins my vote. Mild Steel 3235 m/s Nylon 1150 m/s Polyethylene 540 m/s Dry Air (can vary depending on humidity) 346 m/s So the totals are a poly line with air would be 886 m/s vs a steel cable with nylon sheath 4385 m/s. The math says the air control hoist valve vs a cable control should be a lot quieter. 🤔
  9. I appreciate the information Rob. I've got a good feeling about it all. Been digging in on air control valves and looking at options. If you don't mind me asking, do you remember roughly the cost of converting?
  10. I feel like it would make a difference but not sure. I wonder if the air lines could act like fiber optic cables and carry the sound or if it's mainly the vibration from the metal cable carrying the noise. Anyone out there have the same set up with air controls?
  11. I wonder if the air control valves would work. Not sure if sound would travel up an air line the same way.
  12. Hello everyone, I've talked to a few of you before about this problem. I bought a 2017 GU713 MP8 Allison auto dump truck at the end of last year. The problem I had was the PTO rattle being very loud inside the truck. My dealer had made several attempts to quieten it with no luck. I know now this is a known issue but today I hit major discovery. Every bit of the sound I was hearing was traveling up my shift or raise/lower cable. The sound is traveling up the cable like a speaker wire and blasting out of my control console. I remove the cable from the PTO completely, bracket too and no noise what so ever...NONE! So now, how do I fix this? I'd love to hear some ideas. My first thought would be convert to a electronic or air system and eliminate the cable, but I'm not sure whats out there.
  13. I knew someone would get a kick out of that. Talked with the owner, he has plans of an mild restoration. It sure sounded good..
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