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  1. Yes sir I'm very impressed and really appreciate that thread! I've got to see if it'll be worthy. Got a few repairs and adjustments first and that was the plan all along. Might be my winter project.
  2. It's not bad. Seems to have plenty of power on the top side but a little sluggish coming out of the hole. If I'm loaded and on a slight incline it seems to want the low gear to get going and it's supposed to have 4.64 rears. The mack trans is what I'm not thrilled about, it's a lot different than the Eaton fuller 8LL in my CH.
  3. Thanks for the all the tips! I haven't got back around to this problem just yet, other problems got put in front of this problem. Think I bought someone else's problem or my ocd is getting the best of me. I like everything to be right!
  4. I do a lot of sight work and the extra foot print would be helpful. After several phone calls and emails I did find out what the off set should be. For an 05 Granite CV713 with 18k fronts it's 2.75". Depending on your set up it could be different. I found this website to show the side by side difference in tire sizes https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=315-80r22.5-385-65r22.5 . There's not a huge difference between the two.
  5. Also, has anyone had any luck with the Firestone FS818 steers tires? or what would you recommend for the best ride etc.?
  6. Working out some kinks on a truck I just bought. It's got the wrong fronts on it, it's supposed to have 385/65/22.5 with 12.25 rims. My question is what offset do I need for the correct rim?
  7. Thanks Terry, I'll clean them up and give it another try in the morning.
  8. That's what I thought. After looking at this photo closer they may be to dirty to push in. Once the tubing is out, can the fitting be removed or repaired?
  9. Good afternoon. I'm having trouble figuring out the quick connect air fittings on the firewall. I've got a couple leaking but cant see how to remove them. I think they have an o-ring behind the fittings? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Your probably right, still a cool sign. The fact that you might be right should make the sign more collectable. Might not see this image for much longer.
  11. Thanks! I agree with you too. It only makes sense.Wished I'd thought about some lock tabs, at least all my studs came out and I got some new ones back in. Might pick up some locks later and put em on. Happy 4th of July to everyone! God Bless America!
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/381709806031391/
  13. Got the truck back last Friday. It was a blown exhaust manifold gasket and a bad charge air cooler. Both leaks were hard to find. Had to pressurize the intake system to find its leak. It was weird they both happened at the same time. I'm hoping it was a coincidence, but it's running better than ever. Thanks for everyone's help! Here's a pic of the old dog. I also use it as my lowboy truck. It earns its keep!
  14. I went ahead and took it to my mechanic. I didn't have the time to pull the covers but I'm leaning toward a bent valve or something to do with the Jake. The drive is about 45 min and the warmer the engine got the worse it ran. The cold start was good. Made me think might of had a stuck valve that unstuck but the further I got down the road the worse it got. I did not use soapy water on the intake side. It was more of a visual, touch and feel, and not to mention the old dollar bill for vacuum leaks. I'll post what he finds when I hear something. As always I appreciate everyone's help.
  15. My 17 granite had an similar issue with the Allison. It was a bad wiring harness from the dash to the trans. It was pinched and took a while to rub through and short out.
  16. Good morning and thanks for tip. I did a visual on that hose and didn't notice anything, but it might take some pressure before that would show up?
  17. when I took it on the last drive, I took my father in law. He's not much of an mechanic but a retired over the road trucker. He thinks it's an injector. I'm not sure now because it's worse with an overall loss of power and it seemed to have an rough idle that kind comes and goes. Pyro is still quick to hit 900 especially in higher gears and I'm sure if I were loaded it would climb back to the 1200 mark. I have checked for leaks with soapy water but I did not pull the codes or boost. I will this morning. The noise it's making sounds like a blown exhaust gasket to me, but it's not, no exhaust or intake leaks at all.
  18. took her for a spin after going over a few more things and still have the problem with a lightning bolt on the dash now ⚡ kachow!
  19. Thanks, good to hear from you! No I don't. Could this make the "exhaust leak" noise? What part of the Jake do you think is failing, just sticking, solenoid?
  20. Hello everyone, it's been a while. I hope everyone's doing well. My 1996 CH613 E7-427 started out making a noise that sounded like a bad exhaust leak, then in a good pull the pyro would jump up to 1200+/- quickly and running at around 900 but will drop on down at idle. No noticeable lose in power but I was paying more attention to the noise before I parked it. Can't seem to find any leaks and was wondering about the engine brake? Anyone have any input?
  21. Good morning, hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July. I did remove the cable and put in air for the hoist control and for the record, my truck is a 100 times more quiet than before. None of the sound is traveling directly inside the cab now. The rattle is still there but it's totally different and no where near as noticeable. Anyone who has experienced this probably understands when I say the sound varies, so at times now I cant hear it at all. The air control is different but I'm perfectly fine with it. I've hauled chert and gravel spread with no problems at all. The only noticeable difference for me was mine doesn't automatically jump out of the raise position when the bed is all the way up. I appreciate everyone's input. And for those who told me to get used to it, get a loader radio, thanks for nothing. lol I hope this will help someone out and give them a more peaceful ride like it did for me.
  22. Good morning, I appreciate your suggestion. I've tried putting rubber everywhere imaginable. Put rubber o rings in between the pin connection at cable and PTO, thick rubber on and around the cable bracket and in between cable and bracket. I also put extra sound deadening material on the inside of my control tower. I've been desperate to eliminate this problem. lol I think the only way to help with the cable would be to have some type of plastic connection between PTO and cable. Even then sound travels through hard plastic fairly well. Installing air shift next week with polyethylene lines, the quietest way to go.
  23. Looks like I might make the change, got to see if it makes a difference. Anyone that has one as loud as mine will understand and hopefully it'll work and help out some other guy down the road. The air operated hoist control is new to me, I've always had the cable. Is there anything I should know or look for, or is it a just a bad idea for a tri axle dump truck? Any info would be a help. Thanks
  24. If he wants to test it out for himself it will take about 15min to remove the cable completely from the pto & pump, even the line from the bracket so no part of the cable is touching. He'll be amazed, I swear it was like I was in a different truck.
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