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  1. That's all the pics I have, its at the shop. I'll get a few more tomorrow if we don't figure it out.
  2. If you zoom in on it, it doesn't look like it ever was a full circle. No history at all. The history I was given was mainly on suspension and dump cylinder stuff and it was all lies
  3. OK, don't laugh at my photo shopping. But I believe its the other half of a c-clip. Does it look familiar anyone?
  4. No. 1 in the pic is the c-clip mentioned in item #4
  5. ha!, I've learned not to loose sleep with this beast. The centri max filter inserts are brass, I think.
  6. #4 sounds interesting. I'd love to see a pic of those c clips because it doesn't look like a washer to me. Valve lash did seem fine.
  7. Just about to small for that, if it was a circle it wouldn't be much bigger than a nickle. The valve lash and everything up top looked good.
  8. No engine problems since I've had it, almost a year. I don't have the piece in front of me but if it was full circle it would be about the size of a nickle and it is magnetic, it was stuck to the drain plug. one edge seems to be sheered the other doesn't seem to be. From the pic it doesn't really seem round at all more like a hook. One side flat the other looks machined/cupped and the inside has a groove machined part of the way.
  9. It wasn't anything from the top side. We had originally thought it might be a spring cap or part of the spring but everything looks good, plus he said it was to small for anything like that. He's going to drop the oil pan to take a look. It almost looks like the end of a hook. The bevel on the inside doesn't look to be full circle.
  10. I appreciate everyone chiming in, this one has been a booger to figure out and turns out it might have been a hidden broke leaf spring. I checked the leafs many time looking for a brake or crack and never seen anything. Had to get on the brakes the other day and felt some movement so I inspected it when i got back and it was visually noticeable at this point. I haven't driven it yet to know if it fixed it. While it was at my mechanic shop went to do an oil change and found metal, so here we go again. I just made a new topic in engine and transmission. I'll let you know when I drive it.
  11. Hello, I hope everyone is staying well. I've been wide open with essential dirt work. Went to change the oil today and found treasure! It looks to be part of a valve spring but I was hoping to get everyone's opinion and what not. It's at my mechanic's shop now and they're about to pull the valve covers to take a look. It's been running fine as far as I know so this is a surprise to me!
  12. One thing I did notice when I had someone braking for me. The side that pulls is braking so hard that it slightly moves the air chamber and bracket. The other side did not do this. The travel is the same on both. ???
  13. Slack travel is good on both. I have not swapped the tires, this could be a problem but you usually have uneven tread wear or a rough ride. My ride is smooth and tread wear is even. I'll probably do the swap just to rule it out and go ahead a re-inspect everything while the wheels are off.
  14. I pulled the line, actually both and neither had air in them. Checked slack adjustment again and it's fine. Cycled the brakes several times, again everything seems to work as it should. I checked the ABS valves for leaks and sticky valves and didn't notice anything. I still have the left pull. Most of the time it pulls hard and sometimes just slightly.
  15. So your saying that little bit of extra air could be not allowing it to equalize and brake to hard on the pulling side?
  16. It does. I've replaced one that I was suspicious of and manually adjusted both, drove re-checked and they are staying in adjustment.
  17. Forgot to mention, that I have replaced the slack adjuster, it seemed to help at first but didn't last. S-cam seems fine and everything seems to working properly. Curious about the valve package up front
  18. Good morning! I hope everyone is safe and well. Crazy times. My dump has an hard pull to the left when braking hard, moves steering wheel too. This started after I installed new king pins but I can not figure out why. It does have ABS, would a bad wheel sensor cause this? FYI: The ABS light is not on but it does cycle at start up.
  19. A lot of information. I'll start by removing the big plastic contraption, that I now know is the vent and look for contaminants such as sand. Thanks a million!
  20. That's a very interesting read. I had ask my supplier about the possibility of bio fuel contamination but he said he doesn't deal with bio fuel what so ever. But I didn't think to ask him about ethanol contamination from gasoline. I could see where that could easily happen somewhere down the line. I really appreciate that info. It concerns me because I have enough repair expense as is and if I can prevent failure in today's picky diesels, it'll be worth looking into. Not willing to brush it off and move on just yet. lol
  21. NSN INFORMATION 5430-00-585-2529 I pulled the NSN report when I purchased the tank but that's all I've got. I appreciate the help!
  22. Electrolysis was my first thought, but the fuel man didn't seem to think so. Need to find me a plastic suction tube and replace the steel stuff.
  23. That contraption on the lid may be an anode/electrode of some type. I know that single bolt on the lid is steel/iron and I had to use black steel pipe for the suction tube but I bought aluminum and stainless for everything else. I removed the gravity valve from the bottom and welded a plate over it but it still has the drain plug. I don't think I have much water in it. I use a water separator filter and I've never seen water in it. My suction tube is probably an inch or two off the bottom. The weird thing is it just started over the past few months. I went a good 2 1/2 years with no trouble.
  24. It has always sit right on the edge of an awning and only gets wet in a blowing rain. That green circle on the lid is a vent and I'm not for sure what the bigger contraption hanging down is. That seems to be where the mystery powder is born. All the brass parts have turned green, but I'm thinking that's normal.
  25. Also, I don't think this tank was ever used for fuel. I believe it was used to transport water.
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