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To answer a few questions: Engine is a EM6-285 with a Allison HT740D Transmission and 4.25 Rear. The body is a Swab out of Elizabethville, Pennsylvania.

The truck was owned the entire time by the Willingboro Fire Company and they have allowed me to keep the lettering on it. An interesting feature is it has a walk through cab into the interior body compartment. NYFD had some and they liked the idea. If you look closely at the front left corner of the body behind the light bar there is a window A/C unit installed - from the factory. It has a 12KW Onan generator and a complete, and still full, air cascade system including the fragmentation container. I did get the truck from bidding on GovDeals.

Mike, I hope to bring it to Mack day. Thanks everyone for your comments!

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Mack 548- you spelled FDNY wrong.

I went to a working fire in W'Boro on that thing many moons ago when I worked at JEVIC Fleet Maintenance in Willingboro. Had a buddy that ran out of their main station and got to know a bunch of the guys there. I stopped in one day to my buddy screaming at me from the jumpseat of the Mack Scope (as they are about to rocket off the ramp) to "GET THE F*CK ON THE RESCUE, ITS A JOB!!!!" So I grabbed a spare set of gear hanging on the wall and got on. Rough ride in the back of that thing!!


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