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  1. Yes, there are a few pictures on the FB page below. https://www.facebook.com/SixStarTransport/?ref=bookmarks
  2. Looks and sounds awesome - too good to be confined to a yard! Would be great to see some more pictures once back on the road.
  3. Only problem with that video is that I now want a 2 Stroke R Model Great find
  4. Also, if you look at the comments on the BC4K Facebook post, it seems that the Perth replica is now in Tasmania.
  5. Yes, working on a couple of other R Models also but they are a fair way off yet. Will post some pictures. Still have a few finishing touches but otherwise ready to go.
  6. Sorry Tim, you may have to copy and paste the links if they don't work (or I can send them by personal message). We put this one together as a West Coast replica, including RS hood. Still has all Mack running gear.
  7. Please visit the site below if you would like to see (what is likely) Australia’s only RS700L replica leading this year’s Brisbane Convoy for Kids. https://sixstartransport.com.au/bc4k/ Funds pledged go to an extremely worthy cause. Hope you can help. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1773537022693194&id=167258509987728&set=a.437481672965409.112703.167258509987728
  8. Very nice - looks great in black with the standard bumper and 10 studs on the front Don't see many like this in AU
  9. Nice truck, but they should've used a shortened Superliner hood with all that height
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