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  1. let me know if you still have if .trying to get ahold of you
  2. give me a call on Tires. I have a truck in Tenn end of the week 203-410-7048 thanks Earl
  3. looks like Allis's I know they had two D9's called the Double Dude
  4. D11 with 1919 Cletrac Model F the original high sprocket
  5. that's the one with the cab it was there
  6. Pics of mine now before and after Restoat RI HCEA show fresh
  7. yes found it on RT10 Delhi in the woods
  8. TC-12 my first one that I owned now in upstate NY
  9. Was up in Mass on Thursday Cisternelli Bros Paving Contractors nice fleet they had
  10. Haybag this is what i found so far on Delboso in the Pic I can see #2 in the corner of cab
  11. E.L Monroe Building Movers had this one and i believe its for sale still
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