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  1. B47 tandem went for $2350 I believe. I bought the B45 and LJSWX mixer,bid on several more but bowed out because I didn't need to buy anymore,but several more I should have bought at those prices.
  2. Yes euclidtc12 mine is 1 of 5 Delboso ordered, do you know anything about the trucks or the company? This truck is a bit of a mystery. When I got it I sent the cab serial #1162 to the mack museum and got the chassis records. truck is currently spec'd out just as the records show. I looked closer and found the frame # didn't match, it is 1071,91 numbers earlier. When I contacted the museum with that # the person said that # sounded familiar. It did because they had Irv Bickfords's truck ,cab # 1071 on loan at the museum at that time. he couldn't get at the frame # of that truck to read it. My t
  3. I'l get some pictures of the Lanova up soon. Patdbossct, would love to see the BX when you get it done,glad it's getting finished.
  4. Here is my 39 FH, has the Lanova diesel,needs full restoration, but have most everything. Picked it up from Chris Barry several years ago. Second truck is a heavy spec 37 BX I traded in on the FH. Rare truck and hated to see it go, but I always wanted an F model
  5. Bumper,came off a B61, has a nice radiator guard with brackets,tow hooks and inner bumper with brackets. Outer bumper has been patched and should be replaced. Would take $175 complete picked up. Also good square fuel tank with brackets and straps, had diesel in it and is clean, $150 picked up. Both located in southern NH
  6. Looking for a good used oil pan for my 237. Originally was in a 1975 U model. Thanks
  7. Repainted my B61 over the winter and I am looking for someone to letter it for me,prefer to get it hand painted rather than use vinyl decals. Anyone know of anyone in New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts who would do it? Thanks
  8. Looking for a couple of cab light bases for a B model, K-D 517. Don't need the chrome or the lense, just the base.
  9. Looking for a 13 tooth pencil gear that drives the speedo cable on a B61 with a 10 spd duplex 2 stick. New or good used.
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