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  1. Can anyone suggest a company/person to repair/restore a B Model steering Wheel? Many thanks, Mark
  2. I have had one of my carburetors rebuilt by a mechanic friend of mine, and he said it was pretty straight forward. The only thing I had to replace was the shaft bearings that were not included in the kit. If you can find a good mechanic that is interested, or someone in your SPAMFFA group to help you out with the rebuild, I would go that way. You can get a rebuild kit @ https://carbkitsource.com/models/Zenith 29D.html You can contact Zenith Fuel Systems also @ http://zenithfuelsystems.com/ I hope this helps, Mark
  3. Lens has been located and purchased. Thank you, Mark
  4. Gents, thank for the assistance with the motor issue. I am now looking for the red lens for the light, which was on Models 211, 7-110, and 7-114. The lense was alos used on the Federal Beacon 184. I am looking for a good clean lens with no cracks. 610-246-3265 or IM me on this site. Thanks
  5. I have found a motor unit from a member of this forum. Thanks, Mark
  6. Thanks. The motor I have does not even turn. Who has NOS?
  7. I have a 1965 B95 pumper that came with a Dietz Model 211 four light beacon. I was checking the operation the other day and it appears that the rotator motor is dead. I am looking for a motor, but will get the complete fixture if needed. The fixture I have is in great condition, so I really would like to repair this one and keep the truck as original as possible. Dietz also updated the model numbers to 7-110 and 7-114 in later years. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark 610-246-3265
  8. I would be concerned about the oil plug being pushed into the pan. Yes I have seen them on the pan and usually there is damage.
  9. I would think Pierce would have all schematics since they did the conversion. I would contact Pierce with the build and chassis number and ask for the electrical drawings.
  10. If you have the ability to move the vehicle outside prior to removal, and back into the space without power, you may want to consider contacting a tow service that has the ability to telescope their boom out and pick it that way. I removed the 707 gas engine in my B model with a forklift, and that engine was 2000lbs. A diesel will be heavier, and you will want to make sure you have something to place the engine on once it is removed.
  11. Mack458


    RowdyRebel, one of the main reasons that those running for president disclose, voluntarily, is so that any "special interests or conflicts" can be identified. Similar to "show us your birth certificate". I don't care if you don't care. It is of interest to me and I have the right to why someone would not want to do it. Or is asking you to respect my opinion too much to ask? If so, you are the problem!
  12. Mack458


    Trump scares the hell out of me. I don't believe for one minute that he is that successful a businessman, or that he does not have some things that he does not want the public to know. He should as a matter of past practices provided his tax returns - nothing to hide, prove it. Running the government and a business are two different things. Business is for profit and government is about the people. He wanted to build the wall and have Mexico pay for it. The latest I heard is that he wanted Congress to pay for it and send a bill to Mexico. A wall will not stop someone from coming into the country. Companies that are overseas will not return even if there is no tax burden. Payroll and any benefits are the largest costs - manufacturing will not return. He will bring coal back, but I think gas and oil will fight that as much as they can. He will restrict a women's right to determine what goes on with their body, and has stated that any women that would have an abortion must be punished. He has no respect for women or anyone who disagrees with him. I can't wait until 2020 when he says he will have no deficit. The citizens of the United States did not have much of a choice this season for sure. Hillary was unpopular and Trump has no idea what he has gotten himself into. Anyone person that says they are the "only one" that can solve the problems, knows more about ISIS than the generals, and is going to be the best president that God created, well he is not in reality. He will not get much done in his time in office. Some in his own party don't like him, and the Dems will fight him like the Republicans fought Obama. My greatest fear is what will happen to the economy once he starts spending. He wants to lower taxes and invest a large amount of money in the "Wall" and removing immigrants. Our dept will go up, and citizens investments in the stock market will become very small. I hope this does not happen because I would like to retire some day, but I don't think Trump will worry about that. I have seen how he has treated people that disagree with him. He will have plenty of people from both parties who disagree with him, but he will respond with his usual thin skin attacks. I hope that for all Americans things work out well and we all prosper. In reading this post their is so much anger and in some, disrespect. How are we as a people going to "Make America Great Again" until we work together. (I believe America was great before Trump). Mr. Trump will take us back to what he thinks was good times. Back to when we were at war. If you want to see someone who is angry about Trump, and makes some very good points about how the FBI got involved in the election, please go to Youtube and watch Keith Olberman. He has 40 great commentary's that have some valid points. Best to all of you.
  13. If it was an original fire chassis I would think that it would have a dual ignition. My B95 was ordered from the factory with an exterior oil bath air filter, as I understand the standard air filter style was not efficient at removing contaminates from entering the engine.
  14. I replaced the plugs in my 707C with the J8C. This plug was the replacement for the original I believe. Mark
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