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  1. David Wild, why is anyone who does not agree with you, and loon or whatever description you want to provide? You don't seem to be very respectful of those with differing points of view. Last I checked everyone has a right to thier opinion. I don't get it?
  2. I have a 1985 R Model Mack rescue truck with an Allison Automatic transmission. It has a manual Morse shifter mounted on a tower. During some restoration activities some of the side area was damaged, so this is cosmetic. The panel is black plastic and has the indicator panel for which gear you have selected. I would like to replace this plasic panel, but have had no luck in finding a new replacement. Morse seems to have been sold many times, and the only thing I can find is boating products. I have attached a photo of the plastic panel for reference. The gear selector piece comes out and can be transfered. Many thanks in advance, Mark
  3. I believe that history will show that Trump was the most corrupt president in modern history. While he said he was going to "clean up the swamp" but he has placed his loyalists in positions that they are not qualified for. He has provided the wealthy and companies with a substantial tax cut, while the working class was led to believe they would get the same. For me, while I took home more money, come tax season I paid 3K that I would have rather paid in each paycheck. As we see time and time again he has fired anyone who disagrees with him, and I believe this is a coverup. His cabinet positions are filled with "Acting" before the persons name. He has attempted to stop officials from testifying, and anyone not on "the team" is critisized harshly, even if they had been loyal in the past. Friday night he fired the State Department IG. He has always gotten his way in business because he is the boss, but have anyone try to explain something to him and he knows more. He knows more than the Generals, Doctors, and other specialist in thier field. The one thing I can say about him is he is very good at pointing his finger at everyone else and blaming them. He has never once said the words "I was mistaken". He always claims "the fake news" and/or blames the democrats. Remember how Covid-19 was a hoax by the dems to win the election. "Just 15v Cases - one day it will disapear". Well he blew this one folks. The WH had people telling them that this was bad in advance. Trump didn't want to listen to the truth - and you see the results. Deaths could have been avoided along with some of the restrictions that we are now facing. He has blamed everyone except the guy in the mirror. Did he create Covid-19, NO. Should he have acted quicker with urgency to protect citizens, YES. Again he point the finger at everyone else. Obama left him low on supplies - you Mr. President have been in office for three years. Time to take responsibility. The funny thing to me is that he has destroyed "his" beautiful economy. As the deficit continues to rise under his leadership, they will continue to reduce taxes for corporations and the wealthy. WE will all pay the price for his belief that this was a hoax. I feel for the folks who will loose everything, the busisinesses that will close and not rehire people. This will not go away for many years. There will be a time when Republicans and Democrats will have to sit down and raise taxes to get rid of this debt. If the Dems do it on thier own, even though it's best for the country, they will pay the price. WE as a nation have to start working together on common goals. If not, I am afraid that the America we once knew, will be a thing of the past. I hope that a vaccine is found very soon, or the use of a current drug, and that Americas are the ones who discover it. We were once looked up to on the world stage. We no longer have that reputation, in my opinion.
  4. Glenn, welcome and congratulations on your truck. I have a 1965 B95 with a 707C Gasoline engine. I have found that most of the ignition components are GM and as said parts are easily available. A lot of folks recomend NAPA for parts. A good NAPA dealer will research your parts and find what you need. One of the problems I have heard of is with the points, so most folks will update to an electronic ignition. You will need two, and they are pretty easy to install. Also you remove the points and condensor eliminating those parts. I use Pertronix electronic ignition parts. You will need to get the distributor model number off the side of the distributor, and then call Pertronix to get the proper part number. Summit racing sells them and they ship free. When you speak with Petronix give them as much information as you can, especially if it is a positive ground system. NAPA numbers on my truck : CAP RR162 ROTOR RR161. You came to the right place. Members have a wealth of knowledge. As suggested contact the museum for your truck's records and send them a donation. Mark
  5. I listened to a portion of his speech today and he admitted to working on obtaining a stockpile of ventilators for the predicted need in about three weeks. He has requested those along with other needed PPE. My opinion is that the federal government blew this one and should be the ones to stockpile and distribute items as needed, instead of every state, hospital, and the feds bidding for the same items. The feds could/should make the purchases because of their buying power. He stated that before the virus ventilators were 20K. With all of the needs they are now 50K. He has asked for ANY medical personnel to respond to NY for the upcoming height of illnesses. He also said that NY would respond in kind as after the crisis is done in NY, it will move to another area that will need additional resourses. NY has one hospital ship at this time, not two. He also explained about the health systems in NY, and that they all met today to form a group that would share needed items, beds, Etc. He had some of the leaders from the systems with him to answer questions. They will be attempting to spread out the very ill so that no one hospital gets swapped. He spoke about this being a difficult time for NY and that other areas will eventually be hit and will need support. I think he and many other govenors have done an exceptional job dealing with a slow response from the federal government. I also like John Bell Edwards from Louisiana. He has shown great leadership in several situations in his state, and is warning of the upcoming spread in his state. in my opinion Trump really did not act in time, and continues to make incorrect/differing statements than his team of doctors and specialist. In the beggining it was a hoax and something that the democrats were using to take him down. He seems to finally be taking the advise from his team. Unfortunatly every press conference is about what a great job he is doing and making incorrect statements. I find that even in this time of a national emergency, where anyone of us could/will be inpacted, there are so many comments about the "Democrats". The democrats fought for additional money to be given to the citizens, and that all of the money needed to be tracked and accounted for. WE are all in this together and this should make us stronger and more united. Some don't like Cuomo because of his stance on firearms, but we don't know his experiences and why he has that opinion. I think gun ownership is a privilage and most owners I know are very responsible. I also know folks that have assault weapons and they have never been able, in my opinion, to justify having them. After all, no one wants to be told what they can or cannot do. Those folks with the large amounts of weapons have their reasons, and experiences. So I can't tell them what to think or do. I also don't agree with the Pro-Life folks on banning abortion for the same reason. Who am I to tell someone what they can or cannot do. I have to be consistent in my expectations of others. I believe that God is the only being that should judge us. And I am a proud Democrat. I don't always agree with what the party does, but I feel that they are about taking care of people, while the Republicans are about helping business. Our country needs to have a strong middle class, and that will in turn help businesses. Just my two cents.
  6. https://www.firetruckmall.com/AvailableTruck/13324/1964-Mack-Pumper Looks all original and just out of service. No connection _-_1964_Mack_Pumper.zip
  7. I am cleaning up the brake and accelerator bases and pedals on my 1885 R Model Mack rescue truck. While preparing the brake base for blasting I removed and tore the rubber stop that is on the heal of the base. I have contacted Williams Air Controls and Watts about a replacement part with no success. A new base is available with the rubber stopper in place, I would rather not go that route for the "stop". I am attaching a photo of the stop - it's about the size of a large gumdrop with a section that goes into the base and "Locks in". If anyone has a source for this part please reply. Many thanks in advance, Mark
  8. Can anyone suggest a company/person to repair/restore a B Model steering Wheel? Many thanks, Mark
  9. I have had one of my carburetors rebuilt by a mechanic friend of mine, and he said it was pretty straight forward. The only thing I had to replace was the shaft bearings that were not included in the kit. If you can find a good mechanic that is interested, or someone in your SPAMFFA group to help you out with the rebuild, I would go that way. You can get a rebuild kit @ https://carbkitsource.com/models/Zenith 29D.html You can contact Zenith Fuel Systems also @ http://zenithfuelsystems.com/ I hope this helps, Mark
  10. Lens has been located and purchased. Thank you, Mark
  11. Gents, thank for the assistance with the motor issue. I am now looking for the red lens for the light, which was on Models 211, 7-110, and 7-114. The lense was alos used on the Federal Beacon 184. I am looking for a good clean lens with no cracks. 610-246-3265 or IM me on this site. Thanks
  12. I have found a motor unit from a member of this forum. Thanks, Mark
  13. Thanks. The motor I have does not even turn. Who has NOS?
  14. I have a 1965 B95 pumper that came with a Dietz Model 211 four light beacon. I was checking the operation the other day and it appears that the rotator motor is dead. I am looking for a motor, but will get the complete fixture if needed. The fixture I have is in great condition, so I really would like to repair this one and keep the truck as original as possible. Dietz also updated the model numbers to 7-110 and 7-114 in later years. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark 610-246-3265
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