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  1. the serial number of Pacifica's rig is 45S-1521
  2. Do you have any idea where or what my Trucks history is B85F1107


  3. B85F-1185 was original to Lawrence, MA
  4. B85F1028 is original to Marblehead, Massachusetts. at one point is was marked Essex County.
  5. again, please do not repost these photos
  6. this is your rig taken outside the firehouse. every building visible in the photo has since been torn down. please do not copy this photo and use on any other forum.
  7. it was originally Ladder 31. Grundy was the 4th department to operate it. It went in service as Ladder 31 on 6-25-73 replaced on 4-28-82 and made a spare. disposed of in 1985. bought out of the Navy Yard by Chesterfield County, VA. then sold to Petersburg, VA then sold to Grundy VA. the slanted cab roof was done by Baker at the refurb in 1985. there is no shop number on the front drivers side corner of the rig. that did not start until 1978. They did put it in the cab though before then, either on the drivers door above the serial # plate, or up and behind the drivers head
  8. Rockville had 4 this is one of them.
  9. do you have a pic of your truck? any idea where it served?
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