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  1. Interesting point. I guess I've also seen very few (honestly, I think I can only remember one...maybe) Aerialscopes that had a manual transmission.
  2. Hey everyone, I have a 1973 Mack CF600 that was ordered by the FDNY. I sent away to the Mack Museum for the original build sheet, and I saw that the transmission was spec'd as a Mack TR676 (or 6766?) 5-speed, but I was under the impression that FDNY had Allison automatics mounted to the ENDT673C. My truck is certainly an automatic. Was this just a placeholder for Mack because Allison transmissions were installed by FDNY shops?
  3. Sounds like the plugs you pulled were fouled. Did you check how strong the spark was when you replaced the plugs? I'd look at the ignition system first.
  4. Ok cool. Where is the engine ID located? And should it match the VIN? I know I'm asking a million questions here!
  5. Thanks everyone for the great info! I have two more questions - (1) how can you tell if the engine is original to the truck? I only drove her around the storage lot, so I didn't really get on the gas, but I didn't hear a turbo spool up. Did FDNY spec their CFs without a turbo? (2) there's a switch for "Engine Brake". It's not the wet road/dry road switch, but rather a toggle switch on the same panel as the emergency light switches. I don't hear the Jake brake sound when I get off the throttle, but I also didn't think that Mack's had a engine brake option. Link to pulling her out of the storage area -
  6. WOW! Thanks for these pictures and that info! I'd like to do my best to return her to FDNY livery and these pictures are incredibly helpful. I don't know if I'll ever be able to find a straight cab canopy without having to buy a parts truck. Her Q is also long gone. Do you know how FDNY spec'd them? Right now I'm mostly interested in the lights and siren package. The coffin box that she currently has also looks different from what's in your photos...looks like she had one large pass through box mounted on top of the body, under the ladder. And originally no skidplate stowage under the front bumper. Also, I won't share those photos, but as a heads up, I'm pretty sure I've seen the last one you shared posted online somewhere. I think on Instagram. Edit - FDNYTRUCKScom, to the extent that you're keeping track of where these trucks go, ex-Ladder 31 is now in Atlanta, Ga, enjoying the warm weather and retirement from the fire service.
  7. I'll get some more pictures later this week, but I believe she was refurb'ed post-FDNY when she was with her first dept in VA. The rear canopy is slanted and not straight, so I'm assuming that was replaced at some point, probably during the refurb. As you can see, no MT# painted on the cab. Is there anywhere else I could find it? Doing some research, I believe her to be MT7313, in service as Ladder 31. Multiple online people have claimed her for be Ladder 31, which I thought was pretty neat (and hopefully true). There's a PTO switch in the cab, just by the gear selector. Does he need to be in gear like an Engine before switching the PTO on? The Jacks and Stabilizer controls are where you say they are (drivers side, by the turntable) and I saw the jacks and ladder switch. I'd like to track down an operators manual so I can understand the aerial system better. I'm sure all that stuff is long gone from FDNY, but maybe on ebay or SPAAMFAA
  8. Hi all, My search for a CF Aerialscope finally yielded one at a reasonable price. The truck just came out of service from a fire department that was looking for a new truck with taller ladder. My Mack is in pretty decent shape, but she's definitely been around the block since being delivered to the FDNY in 1973. I sent an e-mail to the Mack Museum, but I was curious if anyone had an info about my Mack - VIN is CF611FAP1557. My other question is...how do you fly the bucket? I used to volunteer and went through an aerial operators course, but I don't have the manual for the Baker scope and don't want to guess about how to send power to the hydraulics, etc.
  9. I’ve been talking to that guy...I was going to drive out there and check it out. I know it’s not worth what he’s asking, but whats the deal with her? Sat outside too long?
  10. Is this e-mail address correct? Never seen a comma in one.
  11. Ok, got it. I'm ok with going a little over the 10k mark for a good truck, with body rot being the biggest concern. What are some good places to look (besides google and seeing the same three trucks over and over again)?
  12. Hi all, New to the forum and I'm looking for a CF-600 Aerialscope, preferably in the SE region, though I can arrange for shipping. Projects are fine since this will be for a private collection and not department use. I've searched on google and criagslist and found a couple but they are generally over budget ($20K+....one was listed for 50K!). Fair market value for what I'm looking for seems to be under 10K, but correct me if I'm wrong. My biggest concerns in terms of condition are rust and engine issues. Not too concerned about ladder function since I wouldn't plan on putting the bucket up much (if at all). Thanks!
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