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  1. I believe this belongs to you haha, caught it coming through Lowville NY.
  2. Matt youre such a stud happy anniversary
  3. I'll be kickin around friday during the day and a only for a little bit saturday. Gonna have to leave early because homecoming is saturday night and i kinda have to to go to that 😂
  4. Actually just saw one like that the other day and it was a town of Leyden truck thats up by me. Whered you take this picture?
  5. Hoods probably newer too has the newer bigger Mack letters. I think its real old running gear like the beginnings of the DM and recabbed and re hooded
  6. I haven't been out that way in quite awhile its too bad the hood and rad are gone
  7. Id be curious to see what the number on the frame says. Maybe a very early DM like 65-66.
  8. Yeah i agree id say newer cab also tan dash doesnt match them older style hubs. And looks like a DM frame also.
  9. DM i believe. Too bad parts got robbed off it is it in adams still? Kinda different too see one with those hubs up here i dont see them alot
  10. I have plenty of pictures of my dodge and the Mack id share but it keeps saying theres a problem uploading when I try to post them
  11. Well for quite awhile now i havent been able to put pics up on the site. And between work, and working on my soon to be daily driver when i get my license, my U hasnt gotten much attention this summer. But this weekend i finally got a chance to do a little to it. I would put more pictures up but only one would go through i guess but anyways today i got the visor on, the horns, the mirrors, and the dog. I put them emblems on awhile back. Its comin together slowly but surely.
  12. Welcome! Pretty much all my dads side of the family lives down that way. Wouldnt happen to know any Santucci's would you?
  13. Nice. I been wanting another truck. But god these priority things just keep getting in my way!!!😂
  14. Id put some pictures up but for 2 weeks nownits been saying there was an error
  15. Yes we do. Have it on a chevy s10 frame with a 318 in it so far
  16. Trust me, i know both sides lmao
  17. trying to post a picture of my new whip and it doesnt want to work
  18. Not much going on with the U yet. I plan to get it out this weekend. Spring break now everyones out at the beach and im working all week making some dough. Bought my first truck. Thats about it
  19. It was at the BOCES, probably donated by someone to their diesel class. Motor might be shot. Who knows. Im surprised that it was hiding and i didnt know it was there
  20. Get her matt get her. I want it. But was told im not allowed to get it.
  21. Might call the guy on the C but not sure yet
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