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I am about to buy a R612 that needs its +3 cab replaced - the rust is beyond repair.

I was only planning to buy the truck for spare parts, but now don't think I can bring myself to wreck it, so will likely restore it. It has a good 237hp with 5 speed. I am not sure what to do with the truck, but I will work that out once finished.

I have access to a good pre-73 cab. Is it possible to fit a plastic dash to a pre-73 cab or is the front panel completely different?

I realise there will be less room with the plastic dash, but I am dealing with that another way. I am just curious whether I can fit a plastic dash before I take delivery of the cab. The cab is interstate so I can't check it out myself to work out whether it will take the dash.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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