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  1. Is the oil line external? And if it was fixed could it be driven
  2. The 6spd I'm my 78 high low and Rev stick was away from the driver and 1-5 was by your leg
  3. Under slung suspension. Ya softer ride much like front leaf springs on a 90 ' s ford truck being bent over backwards
  4. I don't know if yall have seen this before but I just ran across it today and was drooling over new dm's being built Mack Trucks:
  5. It is a beautiful tractor and would look nice at my house but I'm plagued with anorexia-of-the-wallet
  6. No connection just looked interesting http://lasalle.craigslist.org/hvo/4846248967.html
  7. No connection http://morgantown.craigslist.org/cto/4856141840.html
  8. No connection just saw on Facebook and thought I'd share
  9. Ohh wow nice lil puppy and 6spd to boot!
  10. Farmer, did you get the pictures of the lil flatbed?
  11. No connection just ran across while looking thru fb
  12. No connection just interesting http://knoxville.craigslist.org/cto/4755686737.html
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