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Superliner progress

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Awesome truck, the fenders and everything look great on it, lemme know when you want to come help clean mine up a little.

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It's a real pleasure when you can see results of your efforts.

Question by the way - did you put those rear fenders on?

I'm going to order a pair of such ones but don't shure wich would work for the Canadian 60" spread.

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Thanks for the compliments guys. 4 short years ago it started out with a pair of frame rails on horses and lots of time a lots of bucks and 4 donor trucks later here it is. Vlad I put the fenders on I lucked out I was pricing half fenders at Traction Truck Parts and was talking to the store manager and told him I really wanted 4 individual fenders or a set of full fenders but I didn't want to spend the money , and just so happens he had that set of full fenders upstairs that a guy ordered a year before and never paid or picked up and he didn't want them around so he let me have them for $350 they are for the spread but are short on the ends that's why I have the stainless pieces and Mack flaps on them. I have a pretty good sheet metal shop that made all the stainless stuff for me.

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Oh, I haven't had an idea you started from the naked rails. My hat's off for that.

As about fenders I like this style and found them out in the net with the comments they were for Canadian spread.

Although when I measured up what I have on the truck and related to the diagram showed they seemed to me not long enough.

Do I understand you right you can pull the ends up a little to form them longer?

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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