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  1. buy the mack it is still the best truck made and by far the easits to work on as of the new trucks go there is a company here that bought 4 of those freightliners that no bodys having any trouble with thouse wounderful detroits there a 18 months old and are being traded on macks better service and not in the shop twice a week that being said if you have a old truck and are able to rebuild it do it ps..... ks....... when theres any thing better than a mack made mack will mace it
  2. does this mean the people at Macungie will start giving a shit how the truck leaves the plant .
  3. I would buy a judge and a laywer im gonna have some fun
  4. the blue one is in southern virgina right beside 81
  5. yes don is a very good man they couldn't have picked a better man to take over eighter
  6. the republicans would rather see Clinton be pres than trump or cruz they are all worthless pieces of crap
  7. the first thing they could do is get rid of the union and get some people that give a shit about the truck that they let leave the factory and go to the custamer
  8. wonder if all those guys had there green card
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