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  1. We r thinking of hauling my fathers b-61 to york truck show need to know if anyone has actual weight for b-61 single axle tractor, duplex transmission and 22.5 spoke wheels. thanks for the help
  2. I've had stock e9's that run forever, and i've juiced e9's, and paid the price. learn from my mistakes, and just enjoy the music coming from the pipes. Nice truck.
  3. Yea we bough it, its our next project truck
  4. The owner told us it sat for 17 years he totally rebuilt it and then lost all of his dump trailer work a year later.
  5. i think i have a truck with a stack bracket and sun visor on it. if your interested ill double check and make sure .
  6. Thanks for the info appreciate it. We found two b-615's and between the two we think we could make one truck. But it would be a lot of work.
  7. Does anyone know how many B-615's were made? we are looking at one for restoration but don't know how rare they are.
  8. Yes we want to stick with the newer ones since we have acquired many parts for them over the years, plus i know the early ones prior to 1984 didn't have galvanized cabs and many got really rusty. Thanks anyway
  9. If u could provide contact information that would be great
  10. I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm looking for something air ride day cab or sleeper wouldn't matter. My dad retired from trucking and we have some v8 parts and motors and Mack transmissions we would like to put in a truck. Do you have any pictures of the trucks?
  11. I'm looking for a 85-93 Mack super-liner does not need engine or trans. I have my own drive line. (570)-549-5572 Steve
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