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  1. Happy Birthday Vinny

    Happy birthday..........Bobby j.
  2. Florida High School Shooting - 17 confirmed dead

    Now I see on the news if the prosecutor will take the death penalty off the table the shooter will immediately plead guilty what the much damn time did the shooter give the seventeen he killed......I say hold his trial immediately and publicly hang him in front of the courthouse .....of course the liberals and the media are hollering for gun control ....but we never hear any thing about the thousands of children killed by abortion go figure.....and I sure don’t want to bring up the t.v. Show on abc called the view just this week the host Joie bahr called Vice President pence and Christians who talk to God mentally ill.....just my two cents
  3. Bobby j and Jettertrucks B-days

    Thank you guys......spent the day with honest god fearing hard working people.....
  4. Happy Birthday Timothy Maikshilo

    Happy birthday
  5. Happy Birthday Barry

    Happy happy birthday have a wonderful day...........Bobby j.
  6. Happy Birthday MACKTRUCKS4!

    Happy birthday
  7. State of the Union

    One of the greatest state of the union address since Reagan in my opinion......anybody that couldn’t get behind president Trump should leave......Bobby j.
  8. Happy Birthday 57 bcr!

    Happy birthday have a wonderful day
  9. Happy Birthday 41 chevy!

    Happy birthday..........Bobby j.
  10. Joe D. of Lake A., PA Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday
  11. Happy 70th Birthday -WATT'S MACK!

    Happy birthday watts the way love the new mudflaps Santa brought me............Bobby j.
  12. Happy Birthday Hobert62!

    Happy happy birthday have a wonderful day
  13. Happy Birthday Herby Maney

    Happy happy birthday have a wonderful day
  14. Coal Power

    Amen and amen...........Bobby j.
  15. Beautiful work.......will definitely be an head turner.........Bobby j.