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  1. Ok so I think I want to look for a superliner,what is the best combo to look for year, engine,trans ,axle capacity and suspension just to clarify I am looking for a triaxle or a truck I can put a dump body on Thanks, Wade
  2. Thank You all !!! . was hoping for a few words of encouragement ,Wade
  3. Hello all new to the sight,my love affair with trucks started as a teenager when I worked as a mechanics helper for an oil company in the early eighties I got to work on and play around with macks , brockway , whites , and a freightliner life took me in other directions for my career but i still never lost interest now I am 51 have a job that affords a lot of time off and I am kicking around the idea of buying a truck.my idea is to play around with a triaxle my question to you guys is do people still use older trucks to work with or is this a bad idea this would not be my only source of income
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