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  1. Thanks for the link, I stumbled onto it sometime ago and have the decals. The AMT kit came in the mail today so I’ve started taking the two to make one. I finished the trailer last weekend. So many thanks to everyone!!! If anymore pictures turn up I’d really appreciate seeing them.
  2. Interesting story! I did some hard digging and was able to find a book titled “50 years down the road” The History fo Smith’s Transfer. Excellent reading. Inside the book was a business card with a personal note from the President of Smith’s (Jake had moved on to the Board of directors) to an employee name Mae which I felt was neat. In the book they talked quite a bit about the take over of Bell Lines, where dad worked, and that’s how he wound up at Smith’s. Unfortunately the only picture of a U model in the book is one of the early road tractors as the book was published in 1980, just before
  3. Holy cow guys! Yes! This is great. Exactly what I was looking for, especially the single axle tractors. I have been waiting for a notification that someone had answered my question here, wasn’t aware I needed to log in to see if someone had answered. I think with what I have here I can make a decent representation of Dad’s tractor. I had forgotten about the “jiflock” tractors, I remember him “talking” about breaking the tractor apart and putting it back together. For years he was a city driver running the east end of Huntington Wv then he bid on running the East side of Kentucky, better
  4. Hello all. My name is Wayne Clagg and I’m looking for some info on the fleet of U model Mack’s that Smith’s Transfer bought back in the 70’s. My late father drove for Smith’s for 23 years before they folded up in 1988. Recently my family and I were talking and we realized that we didn’t really have much to memorialize his life, he went to work and did his job then come home, there are no pictures, only a few pieces of memorabilia, a jacket and that’s about it. I decided I would like to build a 1/25 scale model of the tractor that was assigned to him, 4292, but I have no pictures or info t
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