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  1. Man Larry, that was a nice ride. Almost got cool from the spring air but managed ok. Next time at night with Waylon or Willie. LOL Thanks for the ride along.
  2. I'll drink to that. Here's a toast to OD, so have a Happy Birthday. Hell, just have one that lasts all week long. A Polish Birthday.
  3. I totally understand OD. Go ahead and spend that money. Money won't spend itself. Buy several and rent them out, above the cost you pay and make some on each house. Go down after a few months to check how things are going.
  4. You trying to tell me that she don't like any kind of Balls? Has anyone from up yonder like say, Ole Miss, Alabama, Florida Gators, Auburn, Titans, Vanderbilt, just to name a few, like anything southern except LAND, Real estate, Sunshine with warmer temperatures?
  5. LMFAO, That bob is Zina. LOL
  6. Hey, I know....... I have to watch out what I say when i'm around my GF's twin sister. I tease her too much sometimes. GF just laughs at us.
  7. Definitely she has that look that she wants you, OD. What happens next is up to you. I bet you turned her down. Any body else want to get in on this bet?
  8. In need of 2 parts for my truck. 1. Fruehauf 5th wheel metal tag 2. Turn signal unit { the original dash mounted unit that has L and R push buttons } 615-289-9765 or email - mikelsanders@comcast.net Thank you
  9. What Bob said. Now is the time to enjoy the prize.
  10. Hey that's awesome. Would like to see it in the daylight hours.
  11. Yes guy i am happy for you. Nice to see someone's dream come true. Good story, so keep up the good work.
  12. OUTSTANDING Job, be anxious to see more results soon.
  13. I hate to say it, but I made a bad choice a few years ago when the girl friend told me that I needed to go get some inserts for my shoes. We went to the Good Feet Store. Not 1 but 2 pairs of inserts. I payed over 5 hundred for the pair and didn't use them one time. I could not walk for any distance for long and you can say I threw away 500 dollars. I cannot recommend them, but everyone is different.
  14. He sees a GHOST appear on BMT sometimes and vanishes. LOL
  15. Don't think any of the oils will hurt. It is pretty much a personal choice. My END 673 P engine used the Delvac 15W40 before the rebuild. Most of us don't pull heavy trailers or other items today, like our trucks once did, new. Just my observance through the years. As I recall, Freight train aka Larry uses Rotella and has had very good results and he uses his Mack, cross country pulling a trailer. Ok Larry it is your turn to chime in.
  16. Bout any 15W40. I like the Pennzoil products but each his own. My 673 gets 30W because that is what it came with back in the day.
  17. What I would like to find is a pair of the fender amber turn signal shielded lights. I have never seen any listed.
  18. Nothin Like A Good Dump.
  19. Mike

    Road Art

    LOL, LOL...I believe that wins a prize.
  20. They should have drinks on planes, so what is keeping you? LOL
  21. I have a CD of several different folks trucks, I believe it is Kemp's Mack Yard that had many trucks there for restoration. Jim Hall's red B Model was shown on the CD also, pulling a single axle trailer.
  22. I'm totally eager to do a research on that subject. Just so it don't cost me too much.
  23. Hi Vlad. Just wondered if you were able to attend the 75th D-Day Reunion? Thought you might have taken some of your trucks to the event?


    1. Vladislav


      Hi Mike, Yes, I was able to participate the celebration. But to my sorry still no ready trucks to bring there. So i just drove a car. Actually it would be a really complicated task for me to bring a heavy truck to Europe. About 2500km distance and multiple countries to go through with difference conditions and tolls for a big vehicle. I still dream to do such entertainment but it's not on the calendar yet. Vlad

    2. Mike


      Well maybe next time. Good Luck.

  24. If you get it apart, take the rubber with you to match it at a Industrial Rubber Company. That is what I did.
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