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  1. On a positive note, it does run the Deere out.
  2. Nothin Like A Good Dump.
  3. Mike

    Road Art

    LOL, LOL...I believe that wins a prize.
  4. They should have drinks on planes, so what is keeping you? LOL
  5. I have a CD of several different folks trucks, I believe it is Kemp's Mack Yard that had many trucks there for restoration. Jim Hall's red B Model was shown on the CD also, pulling a single axle trailer.
  6. I'm totally eager to do a research on that subject. Just so it don't cost me too much.
  7. Hi Vlad. Just wondered if you were able to attend the 75th D-Day Reunion? Thought you might have taken some of your trucks to the event?


    1. Vladislav


      Hi Mike, Yes, I was able to participate the celebration. But to my sorry still no ready trucks to bring there. So i just drove a car. Actually it would be a really complicated task for me to bring a heavy truck to Europe. About 2500km distance and multiple countries to go through with difference conditions and tolls for a big vehicle. I still dream to do such entertainment but it's not on the calendar yet. Vlad

    2. Mike


      Well maybe next time. Good Luck.

  8. If you get it apart, take the rubber with you to match it at a Industrial Rubber Company. That is what I did.
  9. You just need a Green Card, then you'll be set for life, then kick back and watch your stocks climb.
  10. I see where he is keeping the noise level down, where not many do. Including me.
  11. I recall Watts has been a supplier. Give them a call in Parts Department.
  12. Excellent work, be anxious to see this unit finished.
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