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  1. O.......M.......G.........AWESOME.
  2. Excellent work, be anxious to see this unit finished.
  3. Mike

    Rear brakes seem to be hanging up....

    Hey Larry, You can move on down here to Nashville, everybody and their cousins are doing it. The land is cheap but the only problem is, is we don't know how to drive down here. LOL
  4. Mike

    Prayers for mike69mackman

    Lord gave us mountains to climb because he was tired of those Deserts to cross. At least you got shade and water plus wildlife with mountains. Desert has sand and rarely any water or trees.
  5. Mike

    Prayers for mike69mackman

    Mike, I now have you on our Prayer List here at work. You have 23 people praying for you and your family. I hope that will cure your concerns on others that don't know you personally that are praying . Prayer Works!
  6. Now that explains it. Why I could not get to sleep last saturday night. Too much light coming through my bedroom window. I thought China had dropped one on us in Ohio. Thanks Larry. Don't think of us old folks needing our sleep.
  7. Mike

    The Battle of Gettysburg 2017

    Thank You General for the truth and your support. We Sons of Confederate Veterans are barely more than the amount that survived that war, in Tennessee. That amount was and is today just over 2,000 people in the State of Tennessee.
  8. Mike

    Happy Birthday Underdog

    As Bob would normally say, " Have A Ball " and a Happy B Day, but your next gift you should have purchased yourself should be a pair of Hearing Aids cuz you goin to need em, soon.
  9. Mike

    Return of the Swamp Queen!

    Also since we are on the subject. It would be nice to know how great this country may have been, if the 60's had never happened with a Generation of Pot Heads that produced stupid crap kids that some of us have to train with no dang hopes of a decent future. Sorry, bad lunch , had too many Krystal Hamburgers.
  10. Mike

    Life is Short

    Come to Music City and ride a bigger, longer and safer golf cart or open ATV on the streets, doing Tours of the city. It is a matter of time when the evening News will be announcing a crash, with people hurt. Everything is becoming a total Cluster, as if we needed it.
  11. Mike

    Return of the Swamp Queen!

    It would be wonderful to have 25 years back from them having the power over all of those sheep" Liberal People" they herded. I'd like to forget them and those years.
  12. Many people that have old vehicles will let them go back to nature before selling them. And that is a shame.
  13. Mike

    Life is Short

    I'm terribly sorry to hear of such a loss. My prayers to all of you suffering.
  14. Hey, now I think I could use one of those tissues. She seems stunned and hardly knows what to say or do. I'm sure that I would be the same way. Thanks for sharing such a fine family and a wonderful rebuild come true. Hope all have a great summer enjoying Ole Gus.

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