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  1. To heck with cup holders when you can have a full bar in that Mochine.
  2. LOL, bet that fuel bill was one he'll never forget at 48 mph.
  3. Sure would enjoy my commute to work in that. I would hope it has a CD player and latrine.
  4. It all looks good. I even like the heater in the ceiling, with the hat on. Gus is All American.Thanks for showing, OH! and the gauges look good to.
  5. LOL.....Paul it must feel good to be right most of the time. I use to be right once a day but now, if i'm lucky, once a week, depending if i've had the right amount of a certain beverage'ssss.
  6. I can relate to that about grandma's or aunt's. LOL They had some darn sensitive ears no doubt. My parents hated the smell of diesel.
  7. The Freightshaker looks better with the round headlights than the square. I've liked the Fords when they came out with the 9000's.
  8. Probably a screaming demon 2 cycle. Most I remember of them were Detroits.
  9. Looks really good. Have a Blast with it.
  10. No Harley's either? Gangs musta gone on strike out their.
  11. Looks like he's hungry for steak instead of the other. I guess for some it is easy to get the other but not steak. LOL
  12. There are plenty of Harley's with wimens on them when I went back in the late 90's . Hope you got plenty of film for your camera. Also a doughnut to sit on.
  13. Hope your having a Ball. Happy B Day.