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Pic to back up the myth

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29 minutes ago, Mike said:

How much weight went down with that knee did you say?

All 400lbs.of me came down on my left knee. I actually got up,finished loading and got it delivered,but by the Time I got home is was having to lift my leg by hand to use the clutch. By the time my wife got off work I couldn't bend it at all.

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If you tore a tendon get it operated on as soon as possible otherwise the muscle it was attached to will wither up and die. I know from experience

from an old football injury. Actually many people have torn ligaments in there knees and not even know it. Knee is just a little loose. Kind of like sloppy ball

joints. Wish you the best.

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Seems like MH is too high and dangerous for you Mike.

Otherwise I'd offer one to swap for RW. Just kidding.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Try to keep every thing in its load range. Including your activity.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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Thanks for all the well wishes guys.I can't believe my banged up knee has generated more discussion than the 4x4 MH.

Hope your knee is better soon, Mike. I was off work 3 weeks last year when that split rim jumped out and bit me, and I'm sure you know the sittin around doing nothing is worse than the pain.

Enough about that, though. About the MH 4x4... Looks like a UPS unit judging by the mirrors. UPS also whitewashes most of their equipment before it is sold or scrapped. Do you know if all these MH 6122s were built for UPS, or were there others?


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