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  1. I liked that tire carrier until I realized it requires a wheel. I am planning on two spare racks on my trailer, but normally carry tires unmounted. I will stick with the basket type.
  2. It's all that DATA that is being stored in the"cloud" got the sky all clogged up.
  3. Mack's own recommendation ever since ESI has been 25,000 mile oil change. I have done 20,000 (mostly for easy math) with good results. 3 filters and 56 qts. IMO 10k is overkill. As far as filters go, the Mack filter kit box has always been the cheapest way to buy filters. 25 years ago, my former employer did some research on filters, and found that WIX used recycled BANANA PEELS as filter media! He nor I ever bought WIX filters after that!
  4. Just filled out and mailed my registration this morning! Always a great show, see you there, Steve!
  5. I don't categorize any of this behavior as hate. I see it as ignorance.
  6. That's realistic, just to communicate with the loader in the quarry.
  7. Can't say I even met the bird, but fun to look at... A buddy of mine sent that pic to me I dunno if he photo chopped it together or if he found it that way... Somebody who knows I favor Pabst Blue Ribbon and dark haired girls!
  8. I dunno what to think of this one, probably should go meet up with her, but Miss Vicky most likely won't give me permission. She seems to really like my truck, though, and favors my brand of suds.
  9. Good job, Paul! More than I might take on, but a bit of humor helps you through the tough parts. I enjoy the subtitles.
  10. I was working for NW sign, seems to be a Nation wide concern. The crane operator was on site at 6:15, but by the time he filed his lift plan and other safety paperwork it was 8:00 before we could start... I could have stayed in bed two more hours.
  11. So I took a load out of NJ yesterday, good money, broker asks " can you be on site in the morning at 6am?" No problem, I'd go early and beat the Baltimore MD traffic. Broker calls again this morning 7am to make sure I'm there. I cut my sleep short to be on site at 5:30am. What time does the crane operator start?!? 8am WTF. Here I am with Ol'Blue in front of M&T Ravens Stadium.
  12. I hear a lot of Old-Timers talk about how they can't sleep without the white noise of the engine... I shut my truck off and sleep better knowing how much fuel and wear-and-tear I am saving.
  13. If we are regulated by the hour, we should be compensated by the hour. Mandatory detention pay would put the burden on shippers/receivers to increase efficiency. I have seen some large carriers already implement delay time after 1 hour instead of the customary 2 hours free.
  14. I have a Lund visor for an MH if anyone is interested. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  15. Heavy Gunner, you are correct on my specs. I am so far happy with the performance of this truck, though a lower starting gear would be nice. Also lacking an engine brake. I hope to add one soon.
  16. Fred, I will be at Winchester, I'm just not sure which truck I am bringing.
  17. I hate to go farther off topic but this photo hangs in West office in Boyertown Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  18. It was a tough time in my life, but things happen for a reason. I am happy now with my cabover Superliner.
  19. Here is one I used to own. RW721LST #1364 Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  20. Signal line may be plugged or have a pinhole. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  21. Most jobs it's time to file your papers long before you turn 80 years old... 80 years old plus a brain tumor? Definitely time to retire. I guess it's pretty hard to jump off that Congressional gravy train.
  22. I used Lucas and Howe's in the past, but my parts supplier has done the research homework and is sold on Power Service products. The Cummins recommendation seems to back him up. I believe we need some type of additives in the older trucks that were not designed for ultra-low sulfur fuel.
  23. If transgender is such a non-issue, and such a small percentage of the population, then why does the liberal left media make it a daily news story?!? We shouldn't even be paying attention to it.
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