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Nigeria bound

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Just saw a post on Facebook, this beautiful R model is sitting at the port, awaiting shipment to Nigeria. anybody else want to throw up,be my guest.

I got my own bucket! damn shame!...............................................Mark

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I had one nice R model for sale once. all aluminium budd, 2 stacks, nice pant job. An African buying junk CH wanted the old R model but he explained me that it was not for work. The rich guy buying all the CH in Africa wanted a 'show truck'... sounds really weird at first but it look like there is a least one guy there that care about his Mack..

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Wasn't that truck like $25K or $30K, wonder if it sold for a lot less than that, maybe someone on here would have bought it, if he got full asking price guess it doesn't matter where it goes if they pay full asking price, would be nice though to have stayed here. Maybe it is going to Europe by way of Africa.


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That truck was a Gearharts last year, I think his name is Rod Good. I was drooling all over it, I think I went to look at it 5-6 times that Saturday. it has a big sleeper like Mike Harbisons Superliner, glad I got pictures of it when I did, beautiful truck hate to see it go overseas.

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I cant believe that truck is going overseas.I do not at this point want to sell mine if I do it would be to by another one and continue this vicious cycle we all ride on my question is is there a NORTH AMERICAN market to get $25000 for that truck.


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