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  1. Nice looking unit except for the super singles.
  2. That was the good o days Mike, I hauled grain with my dad 40 years ago, at least you had a roll tarp. threw a lot of those old throw tarps back in the day.
  3. Thanks Paul I pulled the pto off today and the shift fork shaft inside the pto was broke, ordered a new one. 160.00 bucks for a new one.
  4. At work we have a 1990 CH613 with a 2090 and a bottom rear mounted pto, the pto won't engage, the air cylinder goes all the way in but nothing turns. you cant hear the gears trying engage. would the splines be striped out or is there something in there that might be the problem.
  5. I have a 1974 ENDT 675 that has 235hp on the tag.
  6. Hi Tom about 4-5 years ago or so I saw your Large SUV at Portland, IN. tractor show, I was looking for you but couldn't find you. take care. Ron
  7. King Cruise makes cruise control for big trucks. I have had one on my B model for years, works great, gives your foot a rest on long trips.
  8. Al I will check them out when I get out that way, don't need them right now.
  9. I put a 12000# axle under my B61 and the smaller chambers fit, but don't know the part#s I looked at mine and the holes are up-down yours are sideways. my new chambers look like the ones you took off. the only problem I had was on the auto slack adjuster was tight on the driver side.
  10. I miss all the signs that read ( Mack Trucks Inc.) brings back memories.
  11. Are they all plastic anymore, Americas Truck Wash & Chrome Shop used to carry stainless that looked better than plastic but they closed there doors a few years ago.
  12. Do any older Mack guys know if most Mack dealers had dynos, they had one at Mack Trucks at Indianapolis, IN. up until the early 90s. did all Mack dealers have a dyno. seems like when they changed hands the dynos were gone.
  13. No matter what stripes & color the factory put on Value-Liners they are a nice looking truck.
  14. It is the same setup everybody uses today in front of the radiator.
  15. The guys that I know that has the Duramax likes them, I am sure there are lemons in all makes. I have 2 Super duty 7.3 Fords they have there problems,( I know I will ruffle some feathers) but the ones that don't like Duramax is the Ford and Dodge guys, to tell you the truth. one isn't any better than the other, it all is what you pefer or what you grew up with. at work we had to change the cam sensor 3 times in 1 year on a 05 F550 6.0, we also have a triton V10 that keeps blowing sparkplugs out. Ford has a tool to put threads back in so you don't have to pull the heads,so they know they have a problem, almost $ 500.00 to do the threads each time one blows out. that's why I say all makes have there problems.
  16. Have you tried a shorter coax, on my B model with 18' coax the swr was too high then I tried a 12' and it was fine. I heard that the coax had to be 3' increments don't know for sure but it worked.
  17. They make a stainless braided flexable line that comes off the compressor that withstands heat, then use DOT approved plastic. plastic right off compressor might melt from the heat.
  18. I have been gathering parts for 2 years to build a ( Bob Eckstein ) RS700L, with a V8. I have a real nice cab, air-ride suspension, 36" or 66" Double Eagle sleeper (leaning towards the small one), 2 865s and 2 1973 RS700Ls to start with. I hope I don't run out of time before I get it done.
  19. That is what I don't like about automated wheel polishers they make the holes out of round. I guess its better than nothing.
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