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  1. You're right. My uncle drove a new Super-Liner in '88-'89 for a construction outfit he was working for. It was an E9-500/12 speed. From the get-go,it would jump out of certain gears. Mack had a recall on them and the fix was the dampener. He said it worked okay,but thought it was kind of goofy. He had to learn to shift that trans differently, but it did work.
  2. Sorry for the long absence here. I do remember Gene telling me about those guys and how he knew they were going to make a go of BULKMATIC,because they would climb into the tankers and clean the leftover flour with scrapers,when they first started working for him at a young age.
  3. Okay, it's only been 4 years since I posted this problem! Thought I'd let the BMT community know what fixed my situation. Thank you fjh for your suggestion on adjusting the idle screw. There was not much adjustment left on the screw,and it was frozen bad. Found another idle screw/locknut from a donor engine. Worked well enough to give me the required idle speed! That problem solved! Had another problem on losing prime,if not starting the truck in 4-5 days. A veteran MACK wrench,said right off the bat "overflow valve on the pump". Sure enough took it apart. The spring was broken! Replaced it. Now it starts in a couple revs,after being parked for weeks! Beautiful! Hope this helps at least 1 more MACK owner out there. Thanks to all of you guys for your suggestions. Much appreciated! Al
  4. Engine paint codes as of 1990. Maxidyne Gold 348 ; Andes Copper 540; Power Engine Gray 08408 ; Light Blue 344.
  5. I guess that was common years ago around here anyway , to have at least one brand new truck sitting in the garage. Kept everybody wondering. I was never that rich. Had to be in mine 6 sometimes 7 days a week when the work was there !
  6. Here is Greco #255. In storage since almost new! Mileage is in the low 1,000's!
  7. No it isn't , Bill . I will run a channel from the hood hinge bolts,out towards the outer edge of the inside of the fender,and hang some plastic shortened mud flaps off of it. I did that on my 6 wheeler,and it kept the crap from streaking my bumper .
  8. I bought Hendrickson part # 7644 for my '88 R690. Bolted right on even though it was made for later RD's. A MACK purest stopped by one day and told me he liked the factory bumper because they had a sharper not a gradual bend in them like mine.
  9. Me hanging on one back a few years ago......not quite the same color,but in the neighborhood ! Your's looks GREAT! Al
  10. My uncle told me of the ATF trick , back in the '70's. Never tried it . Like some of the other guys, I use Power Service with the ULSD Bio-Diesel blend (about all we can get at the stations in the Northern Illinois area). Seems to do the job. You can get the non bio blend from fuel distributors around here, if you have a bulk tank. I have noticed that I lose my prime in the fuel systems on the old trucks , if I don't start 'em for a while. Don't know if it's the ULSD ,or just the age of the trucks ? Al
  11. Love the pinstriping/lettering (and the truck,of course)!
  12. I am afraid James is right,Les. Eugene "Gene" Celli passed away April 2nd , 2015 . I still have a message on my voice mail from him from 2014, that I haven't erased yet! .
  13. No, unfortunately I don't .Just what you see here. Al
  14. Have some pretty decent interior panels taken out of a mid '80s Value-Liner . Nice headliner,back of cab panel (w/ dispatch box) ,both interior visors , and pillar panels. They are tan in color. They are used,but will clean up nicely. Lowered price to $200.00 obo for the lot. Must be picked up. PM me if interested. Al
  15. Has anything really materialized from this outfit ? All i've seen is mock-ups and CAD drawings. I realize Rome wasn't built in a day, but could "one-at-a-time" assembly be profitable in today's day and age? I guess Osterlund did do it that way . Wish him the best of luck . Al
  16. I seen a truck very similar to that one along I-90 around Cle Elum,Wa.on my way out west in '82. Was always going to stop and look at it,but didn't. Looks solid.
  17. Roadway spec'd R models are a special breed,for sure. Even their clutches were special (don't ask me what made them so special). I just remember the Mack parts catalog listing all the clutches available like the CL-??. Then one simply said"Roadway". I think ABF's R's were unique also.
  18. My '90 RD690S had an EM6-300L in it and driver's side only "Maxidyne" emblem on it. My '88 RR690ST has the same powertrain in it, but has the "Econodyne" emblem on it. I know of one Super-Liner built around the time of my '90,that had a "Maxidyne" emblem also. Don't ask me why,had dual stacks and quite sure it didn't he EM6-300L like my truck did.Was always a mystery to me too! Maybe kscarbel can shed some light?
  19. I agree with the other guys. Looks good. My experience with B model spring hangers is,yes they will crossover from aluminium to cast. I'm not sure about the G,though. Seeing more and more G's with the cab mounted mirrors . Didn't realize they even used them until a few years ago. Interesting truck ,for sure. Good luck with it.
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