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ok... I was told much less than 45 years ago that it can hurt the turbo....   thank you for clearing it up for me....  I have been laughed at a few times about this, guess I don't know what I think I know...  👍  jojo

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I’ve always heard same thing & I would call myself a mechanic back years ago! I always forget to do it but not hauling far. If it has a muffler on it, I don’t see it being as much problem if it were straight piped. I do understand the reasoning. I do cover when I think about, but I forget a LOT nowadays & always in hurry. Always been lucky too.

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2 hours ago, tjc transport said:

i have been hearing that for 45 years. 

i have also been hauling machinery and trucks with the stack facing forward for 45 years, and never once had a turbo failure, or engine failure due to the "wind blowing down the pipe and spinning the turbo bearings dry"

I'm with You tjc.. As far as I'm Concerned, Its nothing but an Urban Myth..


When hauling machinery/Equipment, I always ask the Customer if they would like the exhaust covered or Not. (purely as Professional courtesy) I can Honestly say that I don't know of a Turbo Failure caused by this..

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"Be who you are and say what you feel...
Because those that matter...
don't mind...
And those that mind....
don't matter." -

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We had a prototype Gehl skid loader back in the day. Every so many hours, Gehl engineers would come get it and the local dealer would bring us out a loaner. The first time they came to get it I asked them about covering the exhaust and the gehl rep laughed at me.  Well, when they brought it back out to our farm it smoked like a steam engine. Ended up being the turbo. They always covered exhaust pipe after that. 

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I haul my sprayer very day in the summer. I probably has about 100,000KM on the trailer. Exhaust faces forward, never cover the exhaust, never had a turbo issue. I have the same view regarding this as mrsmackpaul. While there IS a time when the intake and exhaust valves overlap (open at the same time), the over lap is small, with each valse open maybe .020 to .030. That does NOT allow for a lot of air flow. If the turbo was to turn, it would barely turn. It certainly could not spin. 09sprayer.jpg.13259a0694ed0d01fa82d469f557bb53.jpg

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