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Me and My Superliner Celebrating 25 years together.!

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Too Cool ! I always wanted to buy a new truck and run it my whole career, but I guess I came into the world a few years too late. They don't make trucks like that to last a lifetime anymore. You have a very sharp looking Superdog looks like you take very good care of it and the fact you've had it since new and have kept it up so well and it's still doing it's job for you is definitely something to be proud of. My hats off to you for a job well done, here's to at least another 25 years together for you and your Superdog.

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some of us don't have nor want Assbook....... sorry too much drama

Sorry 'bout that. Pretty sure my settings are set for public to view, so you do not have to "have" Facebook or want it. Just click on the link, look at the pics, grin a little, then close the window..!! I'll post some pics later when I get to my office 'puter.!

"If it ain't got a motor, I ain't interested.!!"

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Still love that truck, I'm gonna have to get mine cleaned up and come get a few pics with both of em side by side one day.

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