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    I've been a Mack truck lover since I was a kid and drove some Macks in my working life. Now that I am retired, I have finally bought my first Mack: a 1981 single axle R611ST to use and play with ! I like cats, the Three Stooges, and of course, Mack trucks, especially R Models. I worked for 24 years for the Post Office, and drove a Postal trailer truck for 13 years. I work as the Director of Music for the local Catholic church in these retirement days.

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    R 611ST
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    2001 Chevy Silverado 3500 Dump truck

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  1. Try Utica Mack in Utica , NY. I've never had a problem with them.
  2. Okay, Jim. I'll try all those. I couldn't find any other fuses so hopefully that won't be an issue though it would be an easy fix. Thanks, Mike
  3. The switch I took out was "short", and I replaced it with one the exactly same size.
  4. Hi Gents ! I got a 1981 single axle R 600 dump with back up light/alarm issues that is causing me to pull my hair out (the little I got left 😲) trying to get them to work. They worked fine since I've owned the truck the past several years. About a month ago they stopped working. I found that the ground wire at the rear of the truck had come loose. I reconnected it and the worked again. The next time I took the truck out they stopped working again. I rechecked the ground wire and it was fine. I pulled the fuse in the glove compartment and tested it with a continuity tester and it was good. I then checked the back up switch on top of the transmission. The terminals were all corroded so I replaced it with a brand new one. I tried the lights /alarm again and they worked for a second and then stopped. I checked all the wiring at the rear of the truck and at the 3rd terminal under the driver's side of the hood and all connections are firm and good. Does anyone have any ideas or am I missing another fuse or something else ? Any help would be appreciated because I can't get it inspected without the lights and alarm working. Thanks !
  5. Mike, while you are looking for a proper horn button if you can find the horn relay you could run a separate wire off it to something hot under the dash with an accessory  fuse to one of those old fashioned horn buttons they are still sold in parts stores.Just find a place to mount it that's accessible but doesn't screw up the dash!

    1. BillyT


      Underdog, on the subject of our once proud steel industry,my best friend is from Warren oh and were talking the other night about Copperweld, U.S. Steels Homestead Works is another tragedy,The largest Bessemer converter in the world now houses a Dave and Busters restaurant and a couple other minimum wage type facilities! The o/o hauling " untarped slab" from Homestead to Clairton works (less than 20 mi) were earning 1000.00 a day with old day cab R models!  The problem as I see it is not unions,it's union greed the reason we needed unions in the first place was corporate greed! 

  6. Okay, thanks. That's what i was thinking, too. I'm going to try that and let you know.
  7. I found this in the back of a local guy's truck shop. Looks like it's a 5 speed gas job.
  8. What exactly am I looking for with the ohmmeter and to which terminals do I attach the leads ?
  9. Check any big city's Post Office Vehicle Maintenance facility near you. They will direct you to where they do sell the used ones off at times. I used to drive for them in the 90s. I had a brand new single axle MR, automatic. They special ordered them WITHOUT air conditioning or radios. They were pretty good with a trailer on but don't ever bob tail one in the rain. They were also terrible on snow and ice. I don't know if there are any more Mack MRs out there. I think that they have gone to all conventionals now or are just renting tractors from Ryder.
  10. Thanks, Ron. I finally got some time and disovered that a strange looking unlabeled button on the dash works the city horn. Someone must have reconnected it when the steering wheel button failed a long time ago.
  11. On my 1980 R611ST, it looks like someone disconnected the engine block heater wires. I want to reconnect them but which terminals do the black (hot) and white (neutral) AC wires go to ? It looks like the green (ground) gets connected to the bottom screw. And what gauge wire should I use ? Thanks, guys !
  12. I'm trying to get the steering wheel horn in my 80 R 611 ST working. It looks like it's been disconnected as there is a black wire with a push in end hanging out of the steering column (see picture). I checked under the dash for the other end of a wire that might have been connected to it but there are no loose wires. I checked the horns by running a wire from them to the battery and they work. I followed the horn wires all the way to the horn relay in the glove box and there are no breaks. Any ideas where this wire from the steering column should be connected to ? What would happen if I connected it to an empty terminal of a power block under the hood ?
  13. Try Global Truck Traders in Winchester, NH. They are always dismantling old Macks and have a ton of old parts in their warehouses. You can find them on globaltrucktraders.com. They're very busy and never get back to you by phone so usually it's best just to go up there and walk through their place and find what you want. Also, the best Mack dealer I've found to get new and old parts is Utica Mack in Utica, New York. Call them at (315) 797-1714 . Ask for Dan Kiss. He's gotten me plenty old parts for my 1980 R 600 and ships out in one day.
  14. Okay, thanks. I was thinking of the one in Ballston Spa. The only problem is that my truck is geared so low that the top speed is only 53 mph ! I don't want to be a hazard on the road if I have to take any interstate highways to get there like I-87 !
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