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E9 engine rebuilder in OH or PA

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Ok fellas, I am seriously considering purchasing a Superliner with an E9-500 (a life-long dream). This is only possible because it has a spun rod bearing making it much more affordable. I am seeking recommendations from members as to a trustworthy, capable, and knowledgeable mechanic to "go through" this engine.

I am not seeking 1000 horsepower either (5-600 is fine with me). I am located in Western Pennsylvania and would like to find someone within reasonable distance.

Any suggestions????

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Dale Francis (440-254-4046) is very knowledgeable on these V-8's. He is in Leroy, Ohio. Crank shafts are not cheap or going through the motor, but he should be able to give you a close number on what it would cost. Reman heads for these motors are $1,600.00 each from Mack, X's 4. Rebuilding the injection pump could go into the thousands, heard numbers like $5,000.00 if they need hard parts. You could put $20.000 into a motor pretty quick. If you search you-tube or the web, you can find video of his shop. I'm sure there is other maybe closer to you also.

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I am on the road right now but when I get back I can find a few names that have been given to me in the past. Also do a search on this site and I am sure you will find what you are looking for. It has been discussed many times over the years. Good Luck

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Dale Francis is high but other shops send E9 stuff to him to do he's the best and only one pressing the seats in the heads over spec which is a key to long E9 life.

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My Dad (Mark Yoos) works on and rebuilds E9s V8. He is loctated in Cambridge Springs, Pa. He's really good and has done a bunch of them. He has Dale do all of his machine work for them. Here's my Dads cell number is (814)720-2616. Give him a call.

Thanks, Josh

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Dale is excellent at what he does but u sure pay for it. He has any parts needed on hand and the know how to do what ever u need to do hp wise.

And yes yes he is very busy with race cars and his three boys that race cars or something so he is always at the track.

If u try to buy things a little at a time it's or build it a little at a time he kinda beats around the bush about getting ur stuff. If I show up with a wad of cash and buy it all at once it will get done.

My friend john is building one of his high performance pulling engines and it's always back and forth about what's been paid for and what's been received and what's needed next.

I'm sure if u have the money to build one from him just do it. Tell him the hp u want and bam it's done. Just don't piece thru dale it may be a mess.

Just my.02


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Dale is one of the best at v8's and like Mack Dr. Jr said sometimes you have to stay on him. He was putting one of his v8s in a Canadian CL when I was there this early summer..

He is great at getting you what or need ,,,,,,It will be in the mail before you get off the phone

But getting your core credit will take months,,,,,,,Yes you have to stay on him,, and you will get to know Stella better from the many reminders


Thanks for hearing me out.

You can have the soap box now---------JIM

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