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  1. hi does anyone have a air intake curve and cap for a mack midliner ms series. thanks
  2. Checked mack dealer. Need to go in and see it its the whole peice or the top. None on ebay. Didt see it on here. Cant find a salvage yard.
  3. hello everyone. i have a 1999 mack midliner ms 200p that is missing the air intake pipe that goes behind and on top of the cab. its that curve shape that is found on most midliners. does anyone know where i can buy this. thanks
  4. its ok we all make mistakes. thanks alot for the help tho.
  5. ya ill get it checked for codes. the only problem is that the truck is sitting down and is not registered to the state. i have to try to get a mechanic out to check it. also dose anyone know the heating source of diesel in this truck. glowplug or intake heater or none. thanks
  6. i am having trouble finding this. is it on top the middle of the engine i see there are a couple of connectors with a hose right there. is that it ? also can this cause the truck not to start up without starter fluid or battery jump?
  7. also there is a smoke with a blue-ish tint to it
  8. thanks for the reply. i will check that next time i flip the cab. what does the starting aid look like?
  9. Nope. None at all. No water in oil either. Doesnt burn oil or water.
  10. Hello. I have a 1999 Mack Mid-Liner MS200P with 450,000 miles on it and it smokes like hell. It overheated once and thats when it started to smoke. The engine service like IS ON. Can if be glowplugs. I have to leave ignition on for a couple of mins or itll kill the batter cranking or need starter fluid. Thanks. Please help
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