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  1. Maybe make some plates that sandwich on both sides of the lines at the pump. It should help keep the vibration down. Some pulling guys do this on their inline pumps.
  2. Heat the bolts up with a torch and use candles to break them free. Paraffin wirks well
  3. I've always heard that 610!turbo was not the greatest. I too recommend the BW S480.
  4. Dale has those engines complete and is parting some out cause if inline pumps and such. He got them from a military surplus sale somehow. I think in was from Arizona. They called him just to see if he would buy them all at once and just be done with the deal in one shot.
  5. 4 billet axles for sale. 38,000# mack axles that are custom built by SCS. $700 ea. Went to big eating rears that's the reason for selling. Many questions call Greg Dean "Bad Dog" 540 421 2094
  6. I have a friend who wants to build a truck but weight is an issue for his company he works for. Our question is what's the weight difference between Mack rears compared to Eatons? It's obvious that the Mack verses eatin trans is a huge difference but we are still uncertain exact weights. We are thinking of moving the back axle to the front and just making the rear a tag to save in weight. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Joey
  7. I have 8 brand new in a box E6 rods for sale.
  8. The M meant MAXIDYNE if I'm not mistaken. And the torque curve was way different then the E9 👈🏻 econodyne. Been so so long since I looked all that up I can't remember off the top of my head. But FJH is steering you in the right path.
  9. My friend has a crash book on a Superliner with factory dual breathers. If need be I can snap some pics and post them here or I can get your number and txt them to ya if you like. It tells you every nut and bolt and Mack part numbers.
  10. MH square visor? Never seen one....
  11. I can't wait to get mine done. Hope this is the year for it.
  12. I may be able to help put you in touch with a guy. I will call tomorrow and ask.
  13. Value liner! 😍 My first real love. Drove my dads straight out of high school. That thing looks extremely nice.
  14. I may have one. I will do some checking in our pile of parts
  15. That how I got my start as an equipment operator. But the equipment was way newer. Lol. I ran an Etnyre chip spreader for 8 yrs. those were some of the best days of my career. In a different place everyday. Wish I could have my old job back.
  16. Yes all magnums should be 1985. I don't have my wheels of time magazine on me so I can't give many details from memory. Only 250 total magnums made.
  17. You have a great point there! Once Volvo took over Mack went to the wayside so Volvo can shove their European trucks down our throats. Now you can't even get parts for 10 yr old macks. And def don't get me started in those the Volvo designs forced on macks. My friend rawhide had the bumper fall off 3 times now. You could jump an R model off the grand canion and the bumper would still be attached!
  18. I want a crower for my truck for pulling but still want to drive it to the pulls. Makes me think it may be possible. Wonder if I can pull a trailer on the road? Say to "haul another pulling truck on a trailer"? Is that to much to ask?
  19. It was in with a bi product that a friend had. We just put it in a tank and used a 100psi pump to inject it in the engine. Nothing fancy. It wasn't pure hydo either. Just a high percentage.
  20. Hydrogen has a lot of oxygen in it and more oxygen is more burn (hence power increase). We used a hydrogen enriched power adder truck pulling several times. Let me tell you that little E6 loved it. A lot of tractor pull guys use it if they don't get caught cheating. Lol
  21. Yep that's what our local Mack dealer had to do a few months ago.
  22. Just had a phone call last week with the same question. What 41 Chevy said is your best answer
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