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Certain service calls I have someone else do


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We do plenty of high rescue work on ropes here on the coastal cliffs of CA, doesn't bother me but we have good equipment and lots of trained folks. I actually really enjoy technical rope work. I believe what that brave soul is using is called a bosun's chair and I thought it was illegal through OSHA but maybe that's just a CA thing... be careful out there.

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1 hour ago, carlotpilot said:

those guys on the radio tower make my teeth itch

Ok. I just watched the video and I’m just gonna say, FUK NO!!

i think this is how it would go  at the top.

Hey joe hand me the”insert tool here”.

        I don’t have it I thought you got it.  

 No, I thought you grabbed it. 

        Well we need to fix the flux capacitor. 

I don’t have. Who’s going for it?

       *#+~    ^*+#%€  ******!

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On 4/2/2019 at 7:17 PM, 66dc75 said:

About 160 feet up, sign is at 130. I never really did much chair work at all and don't want to start now. Glad I know this guy. Always has his camera with him too.






Admit it Rich-reason you won't do it is because you don't want to spring for the wire rope!!

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I dunno if I  have ever mentioned this on here or not 

Im a lift mechanic (elevator technician I think you blokes call them) by trade 

I haven't done this for many years but it allowed the Princess and I to have our start and buy our first farm 

Worked on many high cranes and unusual lifts  ( elevators) some up to 800 feet tall in chimneys on power stations 

I got very use to working at extreme heights and only ever got nervous once that I can think of and that was in a journey hoist like the one pictured fix the antenna above 

My toes were digging into the floor thru my boots and my ass was going 5 cents 50 cents big time lol




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