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Four fully restored antique trucks for sale

Mark Shuttleworth

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I just signed up to this page to try and find a phone number for the add "four fully restored trucks for sale" by Mark Shuttleworth, or his son in law, can someone reply to me please with a phone number ?

I am looking for an (original) classic mack, diamond T, Peterbilt, Kenworth. Does not have to be restored.

My email address is rodger.allen@yahoo.ca * please note, it is dot ca not dot com. .ca is for Canada 250.540.2640

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8 minutes ago, Mark Shuttleworth said:

Sorry about the no prices.  These trucks are my father-in-laws, Mark.  He does not use computers.  His number is 608.387.0647 and he would love to hear from any interested parties.  




so can you get prices and post on here? Then if somebody is interested they can call him, without bothering him if they are out of there price range?    terry:MackLogo:

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I found an obituary for Mark Shuttleworth. He passed on in February of 2019.   The last post from Mark Shuttleworth stated that it was his son in law doing the posting for him, his name is Scott Hansen from Andover MN    Hope this info can help.  


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