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  1. I tried that number listed above for Scott and when I asked for Scott he said I had the wrong number. Do you guys know if he still has the B75?
  2. Hey There! I have a 1950 A50H The VIN is EN291115. When I got it the original motor and trans was long gone. So I stuffed in a 5.9 Cummins and used axles from a 1995 3500HD (Dana 80 rear I-Beam front) to get 4 wheel disc brakes and hydroboost and power steering. Cruises at 65mph no problem.
  3. About an hour northwest of Chicago.
  4. I did a modern axle swap on my 1950 A model. The axles are in great shape complete drum to drum. Also have the rims and tires - the tires are like new and still mounted. Make a offer - would rather someone could use them then them going to waste. You can call 815-347-2944 Thanks
  5. Actually, face to face of the newer axle is longer, however, due to the offset of the dually wheel, the outside of tire to outside of tire (comparing the new to old) is only about a 1/2" difference. Here the old A model in question.
  6. Got a question for you guys, well.. a few questions. I have a Mack A model that I was swapping out the front axle(and rear) with a axle from a Chevy 3500HD. However, after I had both axles out next to each other and further investigation/measurement, I think could just pop the king pins out and swap the spindles. It appears that I may have to hone .03 out of the Mack axle and use the king pin from the 3500HD. So my questions: 1. How do you get the king pin locking bolt/pin out? Their is no nut on either side. Do I just beat that out? 2. If I were to just swap the spindles
  7. Thanks, thats what Ive been looking for, but with no luck.
  8. Hey Guys, Anyone know where I could possibly find a door latch for a A model? Or has anyone retrofit to a new latch style that works pretty good? The peaks of the wheel are worn off - I tried to weld more material on top, but its pot metal or something. Just burned/melted it. Any suggestions welcomed.
  9. Thanks Guys! That was what I was looking for! I knew someone had to have it.
  10. Hey There, By chance does anyone have a breakdown of the different hood lengths on the B model's according to the model number? And/or Interchange? Thanks
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